Hello-PicI am Alexandra Taketa, and this is what I love to do…

I guide you to tap into your inner abundance, create courageously and take your business and life to the next level of impact, purpose and flow. I guide you to feel more awake, alive and connected to yourself and your vision. I hold the space for you show up with fierce authenticity, be bold, be vulnerable, and to be brave. I remind you of your greatness even before you may be ready to step into it or believe in it completely.

I help you get clear about your business (and life) strategy and help you find the right actions to take that build on your own wisdom and intuition. I hone in on your zone of genius and help you map out the plan that lights your soul on fire and creates the impact you desire.


I believe this world needs you to claim your brilliance, tap into your abundance, and show up with fierce authenticity. The world is waiting for you to bring your gifts unapologetically.

Why? Because you are worth it! It’s time to… 
  • Create the impact you desire with purpose and flow.
  • Show up boldly and authentically in your life an business.
  • Have freedom of time to focus on what’s important to you.
  • Follow a vision that fulfills you and makes you feel alive, lit up and awake!
  • Operate from a place of abundance in all aspects of your life and business. 
  • Ground into the present and experience happiness and joy that doesn’t depend on others or outside conditions.
  • Believe in yourself and allow yourself to be vulnerable and brave as you step into who you are meant to be.
  • Create a path toward action that integrates your own wisdom, deep knowing and intuition for all that is possible. 

I am thrilled to share this meditation with you!-2
In this 3 Month private coaching program, you will receive:
  • Initial launch session + ten 60 minute private coaching video sessions via Zoom
  • Unlimited support in between sessions via email or messenger (during my office hours)
  • Detailed coaching notes from our conversations (including any assignments or specific commitments and actions for you to take)
  • Personally recommend tools, books and other resources that are specific to your goals, needs and desires


How does coaching work?
  • During our 20 minute free discovery call we will laser coach on a topic you bring to the call.
  • If we are excited about what we can accomplish together and decide to move forward, I will send you the link to submit payment and book your first session.
  • Next you will be emailed the welcome packet, including a detailed new client questionnaire and coaching agreement.
  • We will begin with a launch session and get clear on your top priority focus areas.
  • During our coaching, you will create the agenda. These are your sessions and you will guide the focus.  I will listen and ask powerful questions to help you share, strategize, create clarity, get unstuck, build a plan…whatever you need.
  • Throughout it all we will tap into and use our intuition, feel into what you need, and of course, take action on what’s important to create real results.
  • My clients are soulful, creative, talented and committed to their personal growth – like you, they know that reading, meditating, visualizing, mindset work – the internal work is all part of the external success. I marry mindset with strategy + structure + systems.
  • I don’t hold back. I do my best work for you! And I know you won’t hold back either!
  • My clients are ready to grow and exceed their expectations. Like you they show up for themselves and the coaching –  100% committed to make magic happen.


C O A C H I N G   P R A I S E

NIKO-E-Image“Alexandra is not for the faint of heart. She takes a stand for you and your life. In our coaching, she is fierce in her belief in me, and my ability to have what I want.  Sometimes I come to our calls uncertain of my own capacity and it is her conviction that jump-starts my seeing myself differently. She listens with such rapt attention and asks such insightful questions that I have seen whole new possibilities take shape in my life on our calls. Alexandra brings business acumen and a depth of experience, but more than anything it is her ability to be fully present and powerfully vulnerable with me that makes her unique and life changing.”

-NIKO EVERETT, Serial Social Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Girls for a Change, Motivational Speaker & Coach 

KRISTIN-C-Image“Let’s face it, being a modern woman is complex.  Each of us is a blend of wise and ignorant, smart and naive, courageous and timid, not to mention, we are mothers, wives, professionals, and friends to many.  Alexandra Taketa celebrates these complexities. Strategically and masterfully, Alexandra helps transform perceived limitations and obstacles into assets and strengths.  She is more than a coach, she is a dedicated partner.  Alexandra will meet you wherever you are in your process and help you create the life you know you deserve.”

-KRISTIN COATES, Agency Director, Mom, Wife, Friend, and a Woman with Big Dreams

Untitled design-2“When I first started working with Alexandra, she identified my core message and key offerings long before I could name them. Through our weekly strategy calls, she helped me outline ideas and strategies that swiftly moved my business forward. Every call with her offered more clarity, encouragement, guidance, and critical coaching I needed. Since that first round of meetings, I have launched my first paid services online to great success, doing exactly what she saw in me back during our initial call. Alexandra is a brilliant coach — both a gentle guide and fierce hand to hold. And did I mention her kick-ass meditations?? Her soulful approach to business gives her clients the space to really tap into their authentic power and innate ability to absolutely call in all of their desires. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and I know I’ll be keeping her on my team for a long time to come!”

-APRIL ADAMS PERTUIS,  Creative Director, Storytelling Coach, Writer, Positive Encourager

Untitled design-3“For a few months I had been watching Alexandra’s Instagram / Website and with every post I had this magnetic pull towards her.  I had the feeling she had the knowledge and inspiration I needed to launch me out of my current situation and advance my career as an artist. When I finally contacted her I knew immediately I made the best decision at the right time. She is motivating, extremely detailed, concise, honest and inspiring. She is a constant positive voice in my head and I look forward to connecting with her. She will break down whatever I am dealing with ever so simply…mountain after mountain, I can see now they are all claimable. I value all that she has taught me and has brought into my life. I am extremely grateful to have her in my life.”  – LAUREN HILLARY, Photographic Artist