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Do you want to connect more intimately with your own divine wisdom?

Are you ready to tap into the love, support and inspiration this universe and your own inner being have for you?

This visualization was inspired by a guided meditation I experienced as a student of The Coaches Training institute back in the year 2000!
It had a profound impact on me.  At the time, I was just beginning to ask the universe for more support and clarity around my own life purpose. I was working on releasing my limited beliefs and opening up to more possibilities in all areas of my life. As a result of asking  – experiences, books, tools, mediations, new beliefs, etc…were showing up in my life! This guided visualization is one of those things!

I can still remember the experience like it was yesterday. Meeting my “future self” was incredibly loving, powerful, moving and beautiful. She was wise, kind, compassionate and like a higher version of myself. And she had true wisdom to share. And remarkably, many of the “things” and “images” I saw have come to pass. I am now living in a house and doing the work and embodying the spirit… I visualized 17 years ago!! It was spot on!!

My intention is with this guided visualization is to help you connect more intimately and more directly with your own inspired divine wisdom, your inner being, your higher self, your divine spark or spirit and your future self. There is so much love, wisdom and support available to us when we let it in!

I don’t claim to know what your experience will be like…or want to influence it any way.  So just relax – know that exactly the right wisdom, messages, images, and information – whatever it is you need – will be available to you here in this visualization.

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