SINCE-6Ultimate Guide to Affirmations {Guidebook}

Affirmations are powerful positive statements that affirm a new way of being, feeling, thinking and believing. In this guidebook, learn how the beliefs, inner dialogue and stories stuck on repeat in your subconscious mind are influencing your reality. Learn tools to shift your beliefs and replace old stories with new better ones that support your desires! Includes a list of my favorite affirmations for every aspect of life (well being, spirituality, manifesting, self worth, career + business, and love + relationships.)

Colleen Smith - july 13, 2018
Affirmations Mini-Course {Video}

Our thoughts create things! In this quick (15 minute) video mini-course learn how to shift your beliefs through the use of affirmations to quickly and effectively manifest more of what you want. This is the perfect quick how-to if you want to dive deeper into affirmations!