C O A C H I N G   P R A I S E

NIKO-E-Image“Alexandra is not for the faint of heart. She takes a stand for you and your life. In our coaching, she is fierce in her belief in me, and my ability to have what I want.  Sometimes I come to our calls uncertain of my own capacity and it is her conviction that jump-starts my seeing myself differently. She listens with such rapt attention and asks such insightful questions that I have seen whole new possibilities take shape in my life on our calls. Alexandra brings business acumen and a depth of experience, but more than anything it is her ability to be fully present and powerfully vulnerable with me that makes her unique and life changing.”

-NIKO E., Serial Social Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Girls for a Change, Co-founder of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Badass Change Creator and Mom

KRISTIN-C-Image“Let’s face it, being a modern woman is complex.  Each of us is a blend of wise and ignorant, smart and naive, courageous and timid, not to mention, we are mothers, wives, professionals, and friends to many.  Alexandra Taketa celebrates these complexities. Strategically and masterfully, Alexandra helps transform perceived limitations and obstacles into assets and strengths.  She is more than a coach, she is a dedicated partner.  Alexandra will meet you wherever you are in your process and help you create the life you know you deserve.”

-KRISTIN C., Agency Director, Mom, Wife, Friend, and a Woman with Big Dreams

R A V E   R E V I E W S   O F

“I loved the writing style and humor – it was fun to read. Your real-life stories and great examples bring each of the core concepts to life. It’s a winner! (BTW, I flagged a bunch of pages to give to someone who desperately needs this!)”

– Beverly Kaye, Bestselling Co-author of Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em, 5th edition, and Help Them Grow or Watch them Go

“Are you a good listener? It’s the kind of question that evokes a visceral response. But the deft way Jon F. White and Alexandra Taketa expand on that topic will make most readers want to read further. Should they do so, they will be treated to a superb discussion about how authentic listening goes far beyond signaling the most cursory of acknowledgements: the nodding heads and monosyllabic-filled utterances that too often pass for conversation…In a world where the signal-to-noise ratio threatens meaningful conversation, What You Don’t Know About Listening should be required reading for everyone who not only feels they have something to say, but who also have a stake in what they are able to elicit from others. ”


“Better listeners simply make better leaders. What You Don’t Know About Listening provides a step-by-step approach to listening techniques that I found to be concise, practical, and actionable. I recommend this book for leaders and management teams seeking self-improvement and higher self-awareness.”

-ROBERT E. GRANT., CEO, Alphaeon Corporation