Powerful Meditations To 
Release Resistance to Money, Own Your Worth and Feel Totally Comfortable & At Ease With Money


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I am An Abundant Woman (Morning Meditation)

Step into being an abundant woman - the woman who makes, earns, attracts and allows herself to receive money with ease! This is the meditation for allowing yourself to receive money, release all resistance to money, own your power and worth, and feel totally comfortable and natural with money. Set to 432Hz vibe music and infused with powerful affirmations.


Inner Abundance (Evening Meditation)

Tune in and connect to your inner abundance.  Lean back, relax and shift into a receptive energy so that your desires, your wants, your needs and your longings all come to you naturally and with ease. It is all about receiving and being supported. You program in your inner abundance as you repeat the guided mantra and sink into the 432Hz vibe music infused with powerful affirmations.

What others are saying...

"These meditations are so good!!! I loved the music and the pacing. I am an Abundant Woman is super focused on money and superb! I'm going to listen to this everyday! The second one on inner abundance was beautiful to my soul. I loved the mantra and the space to repeat over and over again with the music. I attract love, joy, abundance, and peace."

April Pertuis

"The Abundance Meditations made me feel at home in my body and introduced me to a more vibrant, prosperous version of myself. I found my body tingling with joy and anticipation as I listened. I even had a giant smile on my face as I experienced being my most abundant self. I highly recommend Alexandra's work and I know you will LOVE this abundance activation!"

Sherri Simpson

"I have been blessed to work with Alexandra and she absolutely knows her way around abundance and money mindset! Since working with her, I have tripled my income in my massage practice - her meditations have been a key ingredient in shifting my money mindset and activating the flow of abundance!"

Amy Minyard

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