Powerful 10 Track Album of Meditations & Guided Visualizations To Activate Your Most Abundant Life And Create Your Desires


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Guided Meditations & Visualizations 

Step into receiving your desires, releasing resistance, and tapping into your true abundance with these powerful guided meditations and visualizations.

Meditation and guided visualizations are one of the best ways to activate energy, tune into inner wisdom, and deal with fears and emotions so you can not only feel happier, calmer and more inspired, but also create the vision you are holding for your life and work.

Through listening to these meditations and visualizations, receiving the affirmations and actively visioning and experiencing your connection to the abundance within you  -  you will begin to feel more free, feel more aligned, and feel more confident that you can abundantly receive your desires.

10 Tracks +  BONUS Meditations Include... 

  1. Calling In Your Desire
  2. Calling In Abundance | Allowing In Money
  3. Shift Your Energy
  4. Meet Your Future Self
  5. Connect To Your Highest Self
  6. Rising Into Your Greatness
  7. Trust In Your Abundance
  8. Let Go & Forgive
  9. Release
  10. Cord Cutting
  11. BONUS TRACK: Call In Your Vision 

What others are saying...

"Your meditations are INCREDIBLE! I have never meditated before - your meditations take me to such a positive place that allows me to disconnect and focus! WONDERFUL!"

Debi Choi

"Alexandra - your meditations are AMAZING! I want to listen to them every day! Thank you!"

Kristy Adams Castilleja

"Last night, I reached to the Meditations Meet Your Future Self and Connect With Your Highest Self and I had a major A-HA moment! Alexandra, these are POWERFUL MEDITATIONS. I was reminded there is no need to be fearful, no need to wait! I felt so much unconditional love from my Future Self. The Love was so real. Thank you!"

Judy Pottinger

"Since working with Alexandra, I have tripled my income in my massage practice - her meditations have been a key ingredient in shifting my money mindset and activating the flow of abundance!"

Amy Minyard

"They are seriously good meditations! FANTASTIC! "

Polly Hearsey

"Thank you so much. These meditations are so wonderful and ABSOLUTELY FROM THE HEART! I feel amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! "


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