You are ready to go for it!  You are ready to grow your business, be more visible, take on the challenge and create your next level of impact.

You know what you want and you need a collaborative and creative partner to help you map it out. You don’t need a big coaching package. You need one hour with a solid strategist + leadership + mindset coach to help you dream it bigger, set the strategy and hammer out the details so you can create your magic!

Here is what I know. You are here reading this for a reason –  you are ready to play bigger and create your dream! No matter if you are just launching or in the midst of starting something or feeling stalled out, or ready to make the leap into what is next… this power hour will give you the clarity you desire and the strategy you need to kickstart your dream.

I want to help you kickstart and launch your dream!


In the kickstarter private launch session, you will receive:
  • One private 60 minute laser coaching video session (via Zoom)
  • Access to recording of the private Zoom session 


During our kickstarter power-hour, together we will:
  • Hone in on the vision that sets your soul on fire
  • Laser coach on the opportunity ahead of you (identify your authentic message, mission and goal)
  • Tap into your creative genius + get unstuck about how to move from where you are to your future vision
  • Outline and identify your opportunities for growth (for example: your top program, lead magnets, outline the next steps)
  • PRICE: $295


I am thrilled to share this meditation with you!-4




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“When I first started working with Alexandra, she identified my core message and key offerings long before I could name them. Through our weekly strategy calls, she helped me outline ideas and strategies that swiftly moved my business forward. Every call with her offered more clarity, encouragement, guidance, and critical coaching I needed. Since that first round of meetings, I have launched my first paid services online to great success, doing exactly what she saw in me back during our initial call. Alexandra is a brilliant coach — both a gentle guide and fierce hand to hold. And did I mention her kick-ass meditations?? Her soulful approach to business gives her clients the space to really tap into their authentic power and innate ability to absolutely call in all of their desires. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and I know I’ll be keeping her on my team for a long time to come!”  – April Adams Pertuis, Storytelling Coach


KRISTIN-C-Image“It’s official! I took the CEO position! Your guidance, insights and wisdom provided more support than you can imagine. Seeing this step as a contract rather than a permanent role really opens up the possibilities. While it is a heavier lift than my contract work, my mindset is not fixed. It is ignited with curiosity and buoyed by a creative approach. Thank you!  You have an incredible skill and strong intuition. You are like a captain of a ship guided by reading the stars. You listen and really hone in on the underlying need, and through perfectly tailored questions, led me on a journey of way finding using the skills and expertise that I am most comfortable with. This is such a skill – art, science, intuition and strategy. And most importantly, I feel strong and confident about my leadership and creating a positive future. Thank you!”  –  Kristin Coates, CEO of Launch