Reprogram your money mindset. Level-up your business. Fulfill your purpose.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Do you worry that that money stands between you and your dreams?

The Money Mindset Masterclass is a game changing course to reprogram your money mindset and revolutionize your business so you can fulfill your purpose.


Dreams of growing your business and living the life you deserve. 

The Money Mindset Masterclass offers an actionable approach to transform your relationship with money - forever - so you can achieve those dreams. 

The Money Mindset Masterclass is designed to lead you step by step through the process of reprogramming your money mindset so you can revolutionize your ability to create abundance.


Making money feels difficult, but deep down, it's all about perspective.

  • You undercharge and over-deliver — or worse, give up your time and effort for free (then feel resentful about it later).
  • You never quite have “enough” – it’s feast or famine.
  • You procrastinate on income-producing activities for your business (for example, sending invoices and reaching out for new business).
  • You feel massive resistance (maybe even total fear) of having to sell your services, offers, packages, and products to potential clients.
  • Your bank account balance doesn’t reflect all the hours and effort you are putting into your business.
  • You are trading too much time for not enough money, and it’s burning you out.
  • You are doing well financially, but scaling to the next level without adding endless more hours of work seems inconceivable. 
  • You know you have a great idea and a purpose to fulfill — but you can’t seem to make any money doing it.
  • You feel guilty spending money on yourself and often deny your desires.
  • You don’t have a plan in place to get you to your money goals, but you know you need one.
  • You feel alone, tired, and could really use some guidance and support.
  • You are ready for way more abundance and ready to drop the money struggle once and for all.  

If you answered yes … The Money Mindset Masterclass was built for you. If you’re ready to feel free, ease and flow when it comes to money - here’s your opportunity to break through those money blocks.  


I created the Money Mastermind Course because I believe....

You are here ON PURPOSE. You are here to do something AMAZING. Your dreams MATTER. You are LIMITLESS. Abundance is BOUNDLESS. 

Empowered abundant women LIKE YOU can change the world.  

When I first started out in my career, I was a financial mess. The beliefs I held didn’t serve me. I didn’t value my work or position myself for success. My bank account reflected all of that!  

I quickly realized that if I was done being broke, I had to deal with the root of my money issues. I was tired of struggling to get by. Sick of feeling anxious about needing to make more. 

I remember the exact day I decided to change my relationship with money. My boyfriend (now my husband) gave me a beautiful pearl necklace… and I freaked out. Deep down, I didn’t think I deserved it. Then, the light bulb finally clicked on. My lack of self-worth was not only affecting me personally — it was spilling over into my business.  

See, the truth is, it’s never just about the money. It is about the freedom you experience when you allow yourself to feel empowered and abundant.  

With all this in mind, I vowed to reprogram my beliefs. I’ve done it all — read the books, escaped on meditation retreats, crafted vision boards, chanted mantras, walked on fire, completed warrior trainings and millionaire mindset seminars, attended countless other workshops — and spent thousands of dollars. Please allow me to save you that pain!  

Here’s the thing: I did the work because I had to. I believed money was hard to make. I was afraid to speak with potential clients about my rates and gave my work away for free. I discounted the amazing value I provided. Any of this sound familiar?  

It’s impossible to live abundantly if you feel that you don’t deserve it. I’m here to tell you, you absolutely DO deserve it.  

Today, I live a very different life. While I’ve held multiple beautiful and lucrative careers, I now run a successful coaching and online courses business. I have a loving family and a gorgeous home. Living this way allows me to create prosperity in the world around me, and it all began with replacing doubt with empowerment.  

Here is what that meant for me: Learning how to receive. Learning to charge my actual worth and believe in the value I deliver. Scaling and growing my business to build abundance without burnout. Reprogramming my belief system and accepting beliefs that support my dreams.  

Above all, I’ve learned that outer world is a reflection of our inner world. No matter how much self-improvement work you do, the reality is this: until you deal with the subconscious fears holding you back, you won’t have the abundant lifestyle you desire.  

The Money Mindset Masterclass is designed to lead you step by step through the process of reprogramming your money mindset so you can revolutionize your ability to create abundance. I hope you will join me!  



My Money Mindset Masterclass provides everything you need to transform your money mindset.  

  • 5 Live Modules (available for replay)
  • Worksheets and homework that are easy to use and truly transformational
  • Access to a private community of empowered, ambitious women
  • BONUS lessons and videos specifically designed for the ever-evolving challenges women face in business (and life) right NOW
  • BONUS weekly meditations and Money Mantras 
  • BONUS 2 group coaching calls to workshop challenges and support you in creating your #AbundancePlan  

The bottom line… You will emerge from this Money Mindset Masterclass empowered to own your true value, command the right price for the excellent work you do, and inspire others. The changes you make inside yourself will expand outward to your clients and relationships. As I said: this isn’t just about the money. 


Before you can create abundance, you need a clean slate – we begin with a clean sweep of limiting beliefs around money, permanent forgiveness, and divine clarity on what you truly want.

We’ll hone in on where you are stuck. You’ll gain life-changing tools to release negativity and stop the self-sabotage. This will truly change your life forever.

This is where we dial up your manifesting game. We get strategic and specific! Gain clarity on your desires, money makers, goals, and plan of action.

The universe loves an action taker! If you want results, you have to put your plan to work. You’ll continue crafting your plan while learning how to turn it into actionable tasks.

You did it! Celebrate the growth and transformation, and recognize initial results. Learn to navigate your new mindset. Draw sacred boundaries and make commitments to yourself.



"I took Alexandra's Money Mindset course and cleared money blocks that I've carried with me since childhood. I totally look at money in a different light! Everything I learned in this class has helped me forge forward. I work a part time job in addition to running a successful massage therapy business. Through this class I have added a whole new revenue stream. As a Massage Therapist Business Strategist, I now teach women to start and succeed in their wellness business. I can't say how much this class impacted my life! I'm thankful that I invested in myself...because the return has totally already paid for itself.

- Amy Minyard |Owner of Bowling Green Massage & Massage Therapist Business Strategist  

“I signed up for Alexandra's Money Mindset Course because I was so tired of struggling with old money fears that I couldn't seem to shake. There were the 2 am insomnia streaks where I dreamed up nonsense stories of my money running out, my business drying up, my life in shambles. These were all totally unfounded - but they were deep-rooted in leftover baggage. 

Enter Alexandra. Under her nurturing tutelage, I felt safe and secure to fess up to my fears and mistakes. She held space for me to release those demons and invite a new perspective. She introduced me to myself - someone who lives their dreams. 

The tools she provided were eye-opening. Money fears don't go away overnight, but I am equipped to shut the fears out. The money mindset work was amazing and the strategy piece was golden! 

- April Adams Pertuis, Founder of Lightbeamers - Storytellng Coach & CEO/ Video Producer at Slay Productions