Hello-PicI am so excited you are here!

I am a life and business coach to creative, passionate and wholehearted entrepreneurial women. I create online courses (and books, tools, blogs, videos, etc.) that encourage living and working courageously, abundantly and authentically. I also speak to groups large and small.

I am obsessed with helping my clients claim their truth, live with purpose and create a life they love! One of my deepest desires is that we may all wake up to our brilliance, feel loved, claim our truth and bring our gifts confidently into the world. I have the honor and pleasure of owning a business that serves my passions and fuels my creative fire.

Here is the real truth: You are amazing and you are enough!

I believe you are already smart enough, talented enough, savvy enough, brave enough, creative enough, pretty enough, brilliant enough, worthy enough, and good enough! In fact, I believe we were all born “enough” – but we each, in our way, took a detour off love’s path and bought into fear, limiting ways of being, crazy beliefs, stories, habits and patterns that keep us from realizing our dreams and best life. I am here to remind you that only love is real. And that you can do, have or be anything you want. Its time to let go of fear, limiting beliefs and old patterns and become who you are meant to be.

As a coach, I bring my fierce love for you to the table. I promise to be on your team and help you claim your truth, your power and your purpose.  I want you to know that anything is possible for you! I believe you can have whatever you want in life. As long as you are willing to do the internal work, and choose to believe in love more than your fear –   you can have, do or be whatever you desire. I am passionate about helping you create a life you love. End of story!

My coaching, writing and speaking style is real, candid and authentic.

I am an accomplished strategist, a skilled coach, highly intuitive and an expert listener. I am the co-author of What You Don’t Know About Listening: Could Fill a Book! I am using my twenty years of solid experience running corporate talent development programs, leading teams, managing a business, writing and facilitating award winning training programs, coaching executives, creatives, business mavericks and real people – to help real women create lives and businesses they love! I love DREAMING BIG with my clients. I also LOVE rolling up my sleeves to work through the NITTY GRITTY to create awesome results.

Some other things to know about me:

I am a wife to my talented and handsome husband, a mama, a lover of nature, a creative and spiritual soul and a generous friend. I get giddy with excitement reading inspiring quotes and helping women see how worthy, loved and unbelievably talented they are! I believe the only real truth is love. I believe we can only love others when we learn to love ourselves. I believe the universe is on our side, and we can tap into this loving energy to co-create our desires. I believe in synchronicity and being a deliberate creator. I believe you are here reading this for a reason – no joke! Seriously, I hope you will stay a while, explore the offerings and enjoy resources here to serve you.

What else? I love to geek out on self-help books and the hard science behind it all. I am obsessed with human potential and I work at it everyday – to stay connected, plugged in and in alignment with my truth! I love to travel and explore. I need exercise to function. I love a clean house and start my day with coffee. I think kale and green juice make the world a better place. I believe in making life count, keeping it real, laughing often, serving others and being a source of love and light in the world!