As a speaker, I love to create the container for a powerful and provocative conversation.  I believe the magic happens in sharing stories, using real life examples, and being vulnerable + authentic. 

Alexandra is a vastly experienced guide. She brings over twenty years as a Fortune 100 executive leading talent and organizational development functions.  She is the author of the book, What You Don't Know About Listening and a seasoned coach for women entrepreneurs growing and scaling businesses. Since leaving corporate, she has grown a wildly successful business of her own - consulting and coaching hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs, leading business strategy innovation, and has been a featured speaker at multiple industry and women in business events. 

Alexandra has burning desire to help women expand their purpose and profit so they can lead lives of full abundance. At the core of everything she does is a fierce passion for empowering women entrepreneurs to own their worth and step into their power.

I adore engaging my audience in a dialogue together and sharing proven tools and techniques. I believe that practical application of ideas is a must. Audiences can expect to get involved in the conversation, laugh, learn, be challenged, experience thought provoking ideas, root into what our souls desire most, and leave with new perspectives and skills.

My intention is always is to speak from the heart, share solid quality content, and inspire positive change. I want each person to leave your event feeling fuller, richer, more empowered and focused on what is possible.

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Alexandra's Signature Talk

Unlocking Abundance

We will define what this means for YOU!

You will leave with my Seven Signature Steps to Rapidly Grow & Scale an Abundant Business and the Mindset Shifts to Confidently Own Your Worth. As we walk through the steps you will create your own personal abundance plan that empowers you to create financial freedom, make an impact and live a powerful life which is filled with abundance, gratitude, purpose and happiness that is the fullest expression of YOU. This talk will help you release all that keeps powerful women stuck and light on fire all things that bring you back to your brilliance and worth.

Other Topics

Unleashing Your Bold Vision

You are ready to tune in and say yes to your greatness - this talk is all about connecting you with the wise, all-knowing part of you so you can receive the guidance and big boost of energy and courage you need to create what's next for you.

You deserve to go bigger, expand your gifts and talents and lead a life of abundance. You will learn the art and science behind visioning and leave feeling renewed, refreshed, and empowered!  This talk will help you gain powerful clarity about what you truly desire, what is no longer serving you and expand your authentic power. This experience will allow you to truly  hear that wise voice inside you, and help you to cast a bigger, unapologetic vision about what is possible for you.  Through a tailored guided meditation and visualization, and soulful practices you will be uplifted, elevated and activated into clear knowing about the next right actions and steps you need to implement.  

I'd love to be a part of your event and I'm also happy to create a customized experience for your audience! Let's connect about what might be possible! Check out my most frequently asked questions here: FAQs.



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