The Path To More Wealth, Abundance, & Activating The Financial Freedom You Desire. 


 The Path To More Wealth, Embodied Abundance, And Activating The Financial Freedom You Desire. 

Money Mastery: The Strategy, Mindset,
And Energetics of Money & Abundance

The embodiment of the abundant wealthy and empowered woman is a thing. It's a way of doing business. It's also a mindset and overall energetics. 

Money Mastery gives you a proven framework, tools, step by step instructions, support and community to harness the power of the abundance principle so that you can grow your business, income, abundance, and wealth while living life fully. It's you leaning into a whole new level of wealth & worth consciousness.

t's time to follow your path to millions, breakthrough money blocks, feel free, embrace the energetics of success, activate your potential and elevate your life while massively impacting the lives of those you seek to serve. 

You Are Ready For a Money Revolution!

‣‣‣ Do you want this year to be one of growth (both visible and invisible) support, and miracles for you and your business? 

‣‣‣ Do you want to level up your business or financial game with an Abundance (i.e. time-expanding, more supported, spacious, aligned, easeful, life-giving, high-vibe, less stress and regenerative) approach?

‣‣‣ Are you ready to  fully release any anxiety, fears and worries of "losing it all" and "lack" based thinking about money and what it takes to create success?

‣‣‣ Are you ready to re-imagine your relationship with money and tap into overflow?

‣‣‣ Do you want community and accountability from a dedicated group of women in business playing a bigger game?
‣‣‣ Do you want to revolutionize your business and income growth with more profit and less stress?
‣‣‣ Are you ready to source your leadership & growth from a renewable power source instead of blood, sweat and tears?

You want more wealth, more freedom, and more abundance...

You Know You Were Made For More...

But the solution is not in trying to do more or be more...I can help you make money in your business easily and joyfully! 

Let’s look at how your money mindset might be holding you back…


This Is For You If...

  You're an established entrepreneur or woman in business ready to  surpass 6 figures, reach multiple six or going for millions.

  You're ready to hit the next level in your business and leadership but you don't know how.

  You are comfortable now and desire the luxury lifestyle, but you don't want to feel guilty for wanting or having more. 

✔  You want the freedom to purchase and enjoy the things that make life feel freer and more convenient without anxiety, debt or worry.

✔  You know you need better boundaries, and you want to feel more supported so you have the time and energy to grow your business + income with less stress and more profit.

✔  You want to create a financial legacy of wealth.

 You want massive success and you are ready to let go of the fear that's stopping you.


✔  You want to feel at peace with money and finances, no matter the the state of the economy or uncertainty in the world.

Panna Patel | California, USA

As a result of Money Mastery Academy, my view of my financial future has completely changed. I used to be very pessimistic and wonder if I ever could be financially free. I have no doubt now, I will get there. The combination of the coaching, videos, meditations and hearing from other women has given me the courage to go after the money that I desire. Our family income has increased and we have just bought a brand new home that was recently out of our reach. Abundance is coming!"

Tara LaMagna New York, USA

"I quickly realized that I have been leaving  lot of money on the table. Money Mastery opened my eyes to the various streams of income possible. I NOW have a plan and I'm taking the steps to get there. I hit my goal of $500K in team sales a month for 6 months. I'm dreaming WAY BIGGER, because I can see the unlimited possibilities."

Sarah Krippner | Georgia, USA

"I was able to identify the real 'issue' around money and steadily work to overcome the energetic blocks to my abundance. 

I LOVE having real TOOLS I can use again and again to stay in alignment with my financial goals."

Where Will You Go With Money Mastery?

  Significant increases in income.

  Co-create a new relationship with money and abundance - release guilt, shame, anxiety and money stress for good.

➡  Unlearn the toxic strategies of overworking that have gotten you visible results at a price, and replace them with strategies that nourish you, your business, your bank account, your customers and your family.

➡  Be in the room with a group of women challenging the status quo around wealth, money and abundance for women - women who are owning their worth and valuing their work.

Create massive results like: increasing your income, buying your dream home, landing opportunities, being well paid, receiving unexpected checks, launching a best selling book, starting a new business, total clarity on your business model, selling your work and valuing your worth, having an impact, being of influence and more.

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Here's The Structure & What's Included.

6 Core Modules & A Proven Framework + Methodology:
That will unveil and then deconstruct everything you believe to be true about money
so you can create more abundance, wealth, impact and success.

2 Powerful Meditation Albums (Over 12 Transformational Meditations, Activations, and Exclusive Visualizations):
So you can rewire your deep-rooted subconscious beliefs about money, and tap into your intuition to attract and RECEIVE the abundance available to you RIGHT NOW. Plus new meditations added regularly.

Monthly Q&A Coaching Sessions For 12 Months:
To get the support, guidance, and answers you need to dive even deeper. Including pop-up masterclasses and more.

Develop accountability with fellow students so you always feel supported as you create
new dynamics with money and Abundance Plans for yourself.

10 Transformational Workbooks:
So you can dive DEEP into the inner work, and discover exactly how you operate with the energy of money (and create the reality you've been dreaming of.) This is includes clearing the money blocks sabotaging your success and my proprietary Abundance Planning process - including learning how to create multiple streams of income (revenue streams) so you can create true financial freedom.

Exclusive Members Only Private Facebook Group:
To give you a safe, life-long environment to find support, guidance and build relationships with brilliant, visionary, heart-centered women just like you. 
AND on top of ALL that, you also get EXCLUSIVE Money Mastery BONUSES to take your money and financial empowerment journey a step further so you can create wealth and abundance in ALL areas of your life.

Candice Pertuis | Louisiana, USA

"I manifested a huge refund out of nowhere for almost $10K that first month of the program. We have decided to sell an investment property we bought originally for $160K and it appraised at $2M! The EXACT amount of that check I dreamed up in your course! I'm going back through the modules AGAIN, because it just gets better each time. Thank you." 

Sarah Wellington New York, USA

"Since joining Money Mastery I have been able to finally shift from the mentality that I need to bulldoze my way through life in order to be successful…it’s safe to rest and I’ve found so much more happiness in the flow of life! With Alexandra’s help, I’ve been able to narrow down where to invest my time and energy to increase my income and eliminate the fluff. My team has DOUBLED and I feel more connected to them and my customers than I ever have! I’m so happy with how I’ve been able to clear so many money and life blocks, learned how to communicate with myself and others better, and to be frank - cut through my own 'stuff' so I can strive to embody my highest self!"

Jodie Owen | Canada

"Money Mastery has helped me claim the big vision I have for my life.  Throughout the course, I was able to to recognize and start to release the money blocks and stories that were keeping me from receiving the abundance I deserve.  I am now leaning into fully trusting that money is constantly flowing to me and that I truly can create a successful business that is joyful and aligned.  Alexandra is full of wisdom and holds space for you to change how you see money + how you receive money.  The journaling, the videos, the meditations are transformational.  And I am so grateful."

What Happens Once You Join
& What To Expect.

The strategy, mindset and energetics of a well paid abundant woman starts here.

Entrepreneurship, growing a business, stepping into higher levels of leadership can be lonely and it can bring up all your money stuff.

You don't have to go it alone anymore.

Money Mastery is designed to create the container of support you need to embody the next level of your business, wealth, abundance and income. It's a way of life and doing business. There is so much opportunity to create money in your experience and it does require strategy. It also demands a shift in mindset and overall energetics.

The community, monthly coaching calls, meditations and robust curriculum create a powerful catalyst to create profound transformation and results for you.

Transformations like:

  • Shifting out of overwhelm and overworking in the pursuit of success to becoming the financially empowered version of you who keeps her income and wealth growing with ease.
  • Learning to eradicate self- sabotaging limiting beliefs and money blocks.
  • Creating a crystal clear vision, knowing the best revenue and income model for you, and putting in place an Abundance Plan to exceed your goals.
  • Understanding and accepting your divine right to receive all that you desire. 

Once You Enroll...

The journey to financial freedom, empowerment and unlimited abundance begins as soon as you enroll.

You will gain immediate access to the program and community of women on the same journey of Money Mastery as you! 

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A Love Note From Your Money Mastery Mentor & Guide, Alexandra Taketa

I come from a long line of women caught up in and overwhelmed by scarcity and lack. I'm here to upgrade my lineage so my daughters and the women I serve don't think their worth and what they earn is dependent on struggle or limited in any way.  My purpose is helping elevate women into overflow, through up leveling their wealth and worth consciousness.  And teaching a blend of practical and soulful strategy that gets results.

I founded my company with one mission: to help women become abundant, wealthy, and empowered. I believe this is how we change our world for the better.

I coach and mentor women business leaders and entrepreneurs to master their money mindset, own their worth, and take profitable action steps to create a bigger profit, with less stress. 

I’ve helped hundreds of women inside of Money Mastery across the world (over 7 countries) use their soul's purpose, to create massive impact and make meaningful money by connecting to their intrinsic source for the ultimate supply.

I’m excited to teach you the fundamental mindset shifts and practical business strategies, framework and tools that have helped me go from broke and overwhelmed to a massively abundant woman. I bring all my experience of 15 years in corporate as a 6 & 7 Figure earner, author, keynote speaker, coach, spiritual mentor and CEO of 2 multiple six-figure online businesses to help YOU up level your money game!

Sandra Scaiano | New Jersey, USA

"One of my biggest aha’s from Money Mastery was in working on pricing in my business. 

I was projecting onto my audience things that weren’t true because of my own fears.
The work in Money Mastery and with Alexandra helped me to work through my fear of pricing my product not only in market value, but in a value that sat right for me and is now an attainable part of my own personal plan for success."

Jennifer Cook| California, USA

"Going through Money Mastery helped me identify limiting beliefs around bringing more abundance into my life, and my business - beliefs that I never even knew I held!"


Debi Choi |Kentucky, USA

"Alexandra, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. Thank you for helping me and other women see their worth and feel empowered to own their dreams. I'm actually DOING it and launched my business. I'm making more money than ever before! You have been an incredible blessing in my life and I wanted you to know I am grateful for you."

Get ready for a money revolution! Reprogram your money mindset. Create your path to wealth and activate the energetics of unlimited abundance. 


Your Investment Options

Investing in your own expansion pays a lifetime of dividends.

Pay In Full & Save



  • Includes lifetime full access to all the course modules
  • Exclusive private community. Invested. Accountable. Inspired Women.
  • Exclusive Money Mastery LIVE sessions & Coaching Calls
  • Access to Meditation vault and exclusive trainings of bonus masterclasses and replays.
Pay in Full & Save!

12 Monthly Payments



  • Includes lifetime full access to all the course modules
  • Exclusive private community. Invested. Accountable. Inspired Women.
  • Exclusive Money Mastery LIVE sessions & Coaching Calls
  • Access to Meditation vault and exclusive trainings of bonus masterclasses and replays.
12 Monthly Payments
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