Abundance Mindset + Strategy, Structures and Systems =
Next Level Impact, Purpose and Flow




Hello Beautiful! I’m Alexandra.

I am a business coach to entrepreneurial women. I coach. I create online courses. I write. I speak to groups large and small. And I love my clients fiercely with a big warm open heart. My passion is helping women entrepreneurs create rich and abundant lives and businesses. I wake up everyday ready to help my clients unleash their brilliance and create the massive positive impact they desire with purpose and flow! I want you to know that anything is possible for you!


I bring over twenty years of leadership experience in business – consulting and running corporate talent development functions and programs within Fortune 500 organizations. I have led large teams, managed massive organizational changes and transitions, run my own successful business, written and facilitated award winning training programs and been published. I received my coaching certification in the year 2000 and have been coaching executives, creatives, business mavericks and entrepreneurs ever since. It is truly my passion! I’m a leadership coach and a strategist. My sweet spot is guiding you to make the necessary mindset shifts + and implement the business strategies, structures and systems you need to up level, grow and scale your business.

I get giddy with excitement reading inspiring quotes, geeking out on books about manifesting and anything self help! I adore helping women see how worthy, loved and unbelievably talented they are! I believe the only real truth is love. I believe we can only love others when we learn to love ourselves. I believe the universe is on our side, and we can tap into this infinite energy to co-create our desires. I am a wife to my talented and handsome husband, a mama, a lover of nature, a creative and spiritual soul and a generous friend. I need exercise to function. I meditate everyday  and write meditations too! I love a clean house and start my day with a cup of black tea with milk. I think kale and green juice make the world a better place. I believe in making life count, keeping it real, laughing often, serving others and being a source of love and light in the world! I can’t wait to get to know you and support you on your journey!