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Hello! I'm Alexandra - Author, Business Coach + Strategist.

You want to create an impact, feel awake and alive in your life, create financial freedom and live a beautifully abundant life.  I'm here to be your partner, mentor and guide on the journey. 

I work with visionary women, leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners - like you - to build a life and business you love. 

It's my deep belief that abundant and empowered women change the world.  Each of us is here on purpose to contribute our unique gifts and talents to the world.  It's time to call forth your brilliance and step into the highest version of yourself.

Yes, YOU!

Along with 20+ years in consulting and leading talent & organizational development for Fortune 500 companies globally, I am a mother to two beautiful daughters and a wife to a husband I adore. I am a perpetual planner & to-do list writer, a creative and spiritual soul, a lover of green juice, and a believer that meditation and exercise will shift most things for the better. 

I believe energy is everything - it fundamentally shapes our capacity to receive. I also believe you deserve a life and business that feels expansive, juicy, full of flow and ease. My question is, how abundant are you willing to allow it to be?

I am absolutely, 100% obsessed with helping women create and lead lives of more and more abundance.  As an author, coach and strategist, I have impacted and successfully worked with thousands of visionary leaders and entrepreneurs, to grow their business, hone skills and create financial freedom. Through working with me, my clients let go of lack and scarcity thinking and habits that have kept them stuck. They develop a deep confidence and powerful belief in their unlimited potential.  

My clients are action takers. I teach the profitable steps for building a business (and life) you love.  Including, highly engaged clients, how to create offers & products that are magnetic and how to use authentic and soulful strategies to sell with ease! I step into the vision with you, and together we uncover what aligned and inspired actions will create your desire on speed dial.

Doing this work, I get to fulfill my own purpose to have a bigger impact on the world - as women create empowered money mindsets, own their worth, share their stories, call forth their brilliance and rise up to their purpose - we shift the planet.

I call it an Abundance Revolution.

I am fortunate to have studied with some of the best teachers and mentors out there, authored a successful business book (What You Don't Know About Listening) and worked with world class organizations.

I believe in sharing what I have learned with you, and asking powerful questions to tap you into your own wisdom so you can play a bigger game.

I believe in creating your desires with thoughtful strategies and plans.  I also know that aligning those plans with inspired action grounded in self-confidence and belief allows all things to come. Together, we create both.

If you are here, ready to make an impact and create an abundant business and life full of flow - well, you found yourself in the right place!

Seriously, explore the offerings, download the free resources and let's connect!  I can't wait to meet you!

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