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The One Tool That Shifts My Energy Every Time…

You know that your energy is your most important asset.
You know that your energy is where it all begins.
You know that your energy is what creates.
And of course, you want to be at your peak energy in your life to create the things you want!

In the video below, I teach you my #1 tool for shifting energy and getting into your authentic power.

Because sometimes you need help!  And because sometimes being at your peak doesn’t feel possible or you don’t know how to get there on your own.

I love this tool because it is so powerful and yet so simple! Anyone can do it! Have fun and let me know how it goes!


What to Do When People Around You Don’t Support Your Growth

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People ask me all the time… “What do I do if I’m positive and want to grow, but the people I’m close to aren’t into personal growth and don’t support it or put me down for it?”
Here is what I tell people when they ask this question.

First, don’t bother trying to get negative people to change. It is not your job to convince them to join you or to change them. It is not your responsibility to get them to read the books you are reading or to attend the motivational classes or programs you are into.


Your job is simply to stay true to your own path and yourself. Your responsibility is to use what you are learning to be the best you that you can be. Your job is to be the model. Be happy. Be grateful. Be successful. Be loving. Be kind. And then maybe they will see the light in you and be inspired.

Energy is contagious. Seeing your positive light and success may make them want some of it. Here is the deal…. light dissolves dark…just like a lamp lights up a dark room – your energy can do this too. Your energy is influential. The people around you will have to work harder to stay dark when your light is all around them. That said, only they are responsible for how they choose to feel and be, not you.

Your job is to use what you are learning to be the best version of yourself possible. And as you stay positive, get in the flow, continue to grow, experience the beauty of your life, people will begin notice it. They will ask you what you are doing. They will wonder how things are working out so well for you. And if they choose to ask you your secret, you can tell them.

Everything happens for a reason. And that reason is there to assist you. It’s much more difficult to be positive and uplifted around negative and challenging people, but that may be your growing edge or the test to stay true to your values and your commitment to your personal healing and evolution. If you stay committed, you will likely grow faster and stronger because of it.

Also, nothing has meaning except for the meaning we give it. Don’t take it personally. Rather, think of it as an opportunity to practice reframing others negativity. Use it as a reminder of how not to be. This doesn’t mean you start judging or condemning them. But instead, observe their actions, words or way of being and use it to help you affirm for yourself how you want to interact with the world. Speak out positive affirmations to yourself. For example, if you see someone being stingy, say to yourself, “I choose to be generous.” Make it about how you want to be rather than about them being wrong.

Lastly, if the relationship(s) around you is toxic and unhealthy you may need to move on and make a break. However, if you simply cannot handle the non-supportive energy or if it’s bringing you down so that you can’t grow, you still may need to move on. Only you know. Regardless, doing so may require you to make some courageous decisions about who you are and how you want to live.  Your personal, spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial health is important.

There are billions of people in this world and if you keep exploring and keep yourself open, you will find ones that back you up, inspire you, support you and challenge you to be better.

4 Lessons Anxiety Taught Me (published on elephant journal Dec 2016)

It’s human nature to keep repeating our old patterns until we are forced to surrender them and find new ones.

Like most of us, I struggle with taking too much on, over committing, moving too fast, doing too much and working too hard. 

Shortly after my family made a cross-country move, this pattern took its toll. 

I had a total meltdown. 

In the middle of the night I woke up with intense stomach cramps. The next morning, things got worse: it was hard to catch my breath and I thought I might pass out. I called my husband from the bathroom floor and told him he needed to come home immediately. I needed help. 

He took me to the Emergency Room thinking it was appendicitis. After a cat scan and multiple tests, the doctors were perplexed. Ultimately, they came back with the diagnosis of unexplained illness and a panic attack. 

I was scared and worried about my health. I was distraught about why this had happened in the first place. I knew I didn’t want to feel this way.

In the process of healing the lingering anxiety, I learned some things about listening to my own inner guidance and letting go of struggle that I’d like to share with you:

1) We have to give voice to our pain in order to heal.

“Truth cleanses the wound. It is only by giving voice to our tender pain, that we find our way back to beauty.” 

I adore this quote by Mark Nepo. It was uncomfortable and even embarrassing to face my fears and acknowledge my role in my own suffering. But until we illuminate and expose our fears, they will keep holding us hostage. Our fears must be addressed in order to break the pattern and allow the healing. Facing the truth cleanses the wound. 

2) Guidance resides within us.

We all get lost from time to time. We get out of alignment. We feel disconnected, we get stressed out, overbooked, do too much and forget to tune in and listen to the wisdom of our own soul.

Honestly, it’s usually only after the crisis passes that we understand the importance of opening, seeking alignment and tuning inward. That is what a crisis is—an opportunity to reconnect and go inward so that we can realign. And when we do, we remember that we have our own compass which can guide us back to centre and support us in finding the path. 

This wisdom speaks to us in many forms—our intuition, a quiet knowing, a calm voice that speaks with us, a feeling of love, a gut feeling. We just need to listen. In listening we open up to the real truth that we are part of a larger loving energy. Realizing this gave me confidence and motivation to tuning in.

Read more here: Four Lessons My Anxiety Taught Me

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