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Ready to Elevate & Expand Your Abundance And Experience With Money For Good?

APRIL 27-29, 2021

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Ready to Elevate & Expand Your Abundance And Experience With Money For Good?

APRIL 27-29, 2021

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Upgrade Your Money Mindset & Breakthrough To New Levels Of Abundance! 

Discover How To Unlock Abundance and Transform Your Relationship With Money For Good! 

The Abundance Experience is a three day breakthrough workshop to transform your money mindset so you can dramatically increase your income and finally have the business success (and abundant lifestyle) you deserve. 


If Making Money Feels Hard But Deep Down You Know You Want Abundance and Ease In Your Life...

then the Abundance Experience is totally for you.

No matter how hard you try, no matter how much self-improvement you do, and no matter how great you are at manifesting…

Until you deal with your money fears and hidden beliefs…

You’ll never have the kind of abundance (or business success) that you dream about.

The Abundance Experience

Can I let you in on a secret?

It’s not about hustling and grinding 24/7 or sacrificing your health, sanity or family to create the lifestyle or income of your dreams. 

Being in business for yourself, showing up as a leader in your industry, following your purpose to create a big impact -- it brings up all your stuff.

Despite all the training and desire in the world, you're missing a crucial mindset and alignment piece when it comes to your relationship with money and abundance.

Over the course of The Abundance Experience I’m going to help you break through to new levels of abundance -- by clearing the money blocks sabotaging your success.

When you create total alignment in your money mindset, you can finally allow yourself to generate massive abundance, achieve the business success and lifestyle you desire and deserve without all the struggle and stress.

This workshop and this work….it’s not about what you do, or what your business is...or the industry or field you are in. It’s about how you're holding yourself back.

That ends NOW.

Whether you’re a corporate leader, a thought leader, or a leader within your own business - I know you’re here because your ready for more abundance.

Where Will you go with this bootcamp

What If You Could...

  • Clear money blocks and hidden beliefs sabotaging your success
  • Release resistance around having money 
  • Stop functioning on short-term stress, and feeling like the only way to earn more is to work more
  • Let go of patterns that block your abundance so you can operate from the highest version of yourself
  • Be the outrageously powerful receiver that you are + become a match for money and make a massive impact with your mission
  • Cultivate an unwavering commitment to your worth that allows you to open your life to greater and greater expansion and abundance.

The Abundance Formula

Money Mindset + Abundance Planning


It’s a 3 DAY WORKSHOP designed to help you to transform your money mindset so you can dramatically increase your income and finally have the business success (and abundant lifestyle) you deserve.

Each day of the experience will feature a powerful teaching session PLUS a way to put the lesson into practice for deeper self discovery.

Your FREE ticket unlocks access to:

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Get all of the Money and Abundance trainings + practical application.
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Get instant access to a guided visualization to create abundance and embody and your highest self.
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Tag ALEXANDRA anytime inside the group for coaching and to get your questions answered. 
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Be surrounded by incredible, like-minded female leaders who are creating abundant lives and committed to transforming their relationship with money for good.


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Learn and grow within an group that’s open, unconditionally supportive, non-judgmental, fun, and high-energy.



The Abundance Experience

Hosted By Alexandra Taketa

I’m Alexandra, an abundance and money mentor to women leaders and entrepreneurs, a highly sought-after keynote speaker, coach and author.

I founded my company with one mission: to help women become abundant, wealthy and empowered.

I teach visionary women leaders and entrepreneurs to remove money blocks, get unstuck and next level their business success through a powerful and practical methodology that dramatically elevates and expands the flow of prosperity and abundance. Bonus, it also expands your fulfillment, happiness and impact.

My work has served thousands of women across the world and has been featured in Thrive Global, MindBodyGreen, Daily Zen, Modern Luxury, Elephant Journal and more.

Hang with me and you’ll find I’m a powerhouse of wisdom - I have a contagious laugh and smile - exuding unconditional love and light. I’m also fiercely committed to breaking through abundance blocks that keep powerful women like you stuck.

I’m here to wake you up to your true abundance and how incredibly powerful you already are... so you can make the impact you were born to create!

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