How To Shift From Broke To Abundant

When I first starting working on my “stuff” over 15 years ago, I knew I needed to work on my money issues if I ever wanted to move past broke.  But deeper than that, I knew I needed to work on my willingness to accept, receive and allow for all of the good to be available to me if I wanted to create what I wanted in all areas of my life.

Here is what I came to realize – moving past broke required perceiving my reality as abundant. I had to shift my mindset. I had to choose to believe and operate deliberately from the point of view that the universe is infinitely and completely abundant.

At its core, living and operating from a mindset of abundance means that you have a deep knowing that having what you want in life does not take away from others. In fact, being abundant and having what you desire contributes to the general state of wellbeing for all. It requires believing wholeheartedly that by being abundant yourself, you support others in having what they want, need and desire.

Unfortunately, the reason most of us get stuck is because we are entrenched in a lack or scarcity mindset. Check yourself, do any of the following statements sound familiar:

“There isn’t enough to go around…”
“It’s selfish to have what I want…”
“Who am I to make money…”
‘I feel guilty making money…”
“Life is hard, you have to sacrifice…”
“Its more noble or spiritual to be poor….”
“I’m just trying to hold onto my slice of the pie…”
“I don’t have anything to give…”
“I don’t deserve that…”
“Money is hard to come by…”
“I could never earn ….”
“I never have enough…”

These were all beliefs that I at one point in time held onto. Thankfully, I now realize that none of these beliefs are true. They are all false. And all they did was limit me from realizing my natural and rightful abundance.

I now believe that the universe wants me to have all the resources I need to fulfill my purpose and do the great work I am here to do in the world.

Take a look inside. Are you holding yourself back in any way? Can you honestly imagine yourself as a successful and prosperous person? Do you believe fully in your heart with a deep knowing that you deserve to be well compensated for the work and service you offer the world? Do you believe that in having what you desire, you expand the opportunities for others to do the same?

If not there is still some work to do. Here are a few things that helped me on my journey:


Part of believing the universe is abundant (and that you are worthy of this abundance), is practising and learning how to receive. I began with the basics. I asked loved ones around me to help me receive compliments more fully. Every time I received a compliment I said thank you and then I took a moment to feel it and thus truly receive it. From there I gradually became more comfortable and open to receiving in other areas and aspects of my life. Start with what works for you. It may be practising receiving compliments, gifts, friendships, help, support, inspiration, guidance, coaching, compensation or even love. Whatever it is, let it in. It is OK to receive. Don’t deny other’s the pleasure of giving, or yourself the abundance of receiving their gift.


Money is not good, bad or anything else. Money is a neutral resource that is here to support you in accomplishing your vision and to support you in your life. Things costs money. And your good work deserves to be well compensated. End of story.

Here’s a quick exercise to help you find out what you really believe around money. Write the word “money” at the top of a piece of paper. Then, write out everything you remember hearing as a kid about money. Then write out what you think about money now, including any words you associate with money, and any feelings or emotions that come up around money. Now take a long good look at your list. What stands out? Where is your focus?


If you are reading this article and you did the above exercise honestly, you probably realised that you are still carrying around old stories and beliefs that are potentially limiting and sabotaging your success. Affirmations are one of my favourite ways to blast away limiting beliefs. Here are some examples: “The Universe is abundant.” “I am worthy of receiving.” “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.” “My work is of service to the world and deserves to be highly compensated.” “My work is worth it.” “There is enough.” Use these or find ones that work for you. You can find a list of affirmations on my free resource library.


In order to maintain a healthy and abundant mindset, you need to surround yourself with motivating and inspiring resources. As a self-help junkie, I read and listened to experts on abundance and money. I believe the intensity and passion behind my desire accelerated my learning. Go to your local bookstore, or library. Download books on audible, listen to podcasts, or find free resources on the internet to inspire your journey.

This is a simple list, but I promise you these tools work.


Alexandra Taketa


Author Bio – Alexandra Taketa is life and business coach helping creative wholehearted entrepreneurs wake up to their brilliance, claim their truth and bring their gifts confidently into the world. She creates online courses, books, and tools that encourage living and working courageously, abundantly and authentically. You can find her on InstagramFacebook, and inside her free community Abundance Revolution.

This blog was originally published on Daily Zen: How To Shift From Broke To Abundant


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