Finding Your Worth

I recently had someone ask me in a coaching conversation if it was “ok” and “enough” if she just focused on her “spiritual growth, doing her job, loving on her family and home?”

I loved her question, because it is one we all ask at some point, "Am I enough?" "Is my worth dependent on all that I do?"

Did I mention, this client was also producing an amazing podcast, publishing gorgeous guest blogs and running a side hustle coaching practice in addition to her full time job? 

It sounds all rather sexy, glamorous and attractive. But in reality she was feeling out of alignment and couldn’t seem to sustain the energy for any of these activities.

She would start one and then burn out and go on to the next. The truth is, it was upsetting to her.

As a woman who also struggles with taking too much on, over committing, moving too fast, and doing too much I totally got what she was saying to me!  Aren’t we all trying to find our alignment and balance? 

How many of us determine our worth by how much we do and produce?

I have spoken to and coached hundreds of women. Unfortunately, this is not a unique situation, which is why I am sharing here with you!

How many friends do you have who have essentially worked a full shift before 9 am? And then tried to squeeze in saving the world, shifting the energy of the planet or inspired others into bliss one blog or podcast or post at at time? (A bit sarcastic, but I know you feel the truth of this!)

Life is full. Beautifully full sometimes, too full other times, and sometimes when it doesn’t feel full we forget to actually take the break we need.

So…..getting back to my client's question – it is ok, is it enough?

This is the beautiful piece about dreams and desires. We get to choose what we want. It’s worth repeating – we get to choose! 

And all of it is worthy and enough! Whether you write the blogs, run your business, decide to stay home and mother or decide to follow your wanderlust. It is all worthy.

"You are worthy just by being!"

If you are struggling around your own balance and alignment in your desires, perhaps these questions will help you too (I ask them of myself often!):

  • What do you want in your heart (not what you should want, but what do you really want)? 

  • And how do you want to feel?  

Now go do that, and you will discover your own natural alignment.






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