3 Money Goals You Need

Hey Beautiful,

Maybe I shouldn’t ask, but how is your money goal going so far this year?

Do you have a money goal or are you still just waiting to see what happens?

One of my biggest success tips is to become really good at goal setting - and not just income goals either.

There’s no perfect way to set goals, but today I’m want to share three money goals every business woman should have.

Don’t resist it - goal setting is free and I’m here to help!

Goals aren’t just for January 1st. You can set and reset them throughout the year. Before you know it we will be half way through the year - hence, we are talking about this now!

Many entrepreneurs and women in business really struggle to set goals - to ask for what they want, to articulate it.

I see this every time we open the doors to Money Mastery Academy and a new group joins us. It’s not uncommon for women to feel unconformable claiming what they truly desire and want when it comes to money, business and abundance in life.

Maybe you think, “Can I really ask for that? Will it be too much to ask for? Can I really have it all?”

Maybe you’re worried about what will happen if you don’t achieve your goal?

Or maybe your stuck in the martyrdom syndrome that plagues so many women — exhausting yourself serving and catering to everyone else’s needs, leaving yourself for last and feeling guilty about asking for what you want.

I’m here to help you discover why you're not setting goals, why you are not allowing yourself to dream.

And I want to remind you, if you set goals at the beginning of this year - and they no longer feel good to you — it’s totally okay for you to shift and change your goals.

If your goals feel good, awesome. Take a look and make sure you have these 3 types of money goals too! 

Here are three money goals you need:

1) An annual income goal.

This gives you something to play for. Is this the year that you're going to crack six figures? A million dollars?

You need to get specific and be clear.

The Universe is waiting on your direction.

Set an income goal, then go a step further. The numbers are important, but also dig into how you want to feel on the way there.

  • What would help you create this reality with ease and flow?
  • What support do you need at home or work?
  • What do you need to stop doing—maybe eliminate completely or simply delegate it or outsource it off your to do list?
  • Who do you need to BE to achieve this goal?

2. A passive income goal.

Another goal that brings up a lot of emotion is around passive income.

How much money would you like to make and add to your bottom line through passive income?

My business (and life) philosophy is always about finding ease and flow. I call it following the path of least resistance.

How can we make the most amount of money and contribute the most amount of value with the least amount of stress?

Sadly, this is NOT what the world teaches us.

We live in a hustle culture. Where making money is something you do in exchange for doing something hard.

And working 24/ 7, always having to be "on" feels like the norm.

It's not really socially acceptable for making money to be easy and fun.

Not only is it exhausting, but shifting this can bring up so much guilt and fear.

Which is EXACTLY why breaking through your money blocks and fears is critical—because you deserve ease and flow. Creativity and your best self is more accessible when you create and experience spaciousness for yourself.  You feel more abundant, which begets more abundance.

And making money doesn’t have to be hard. I promise.

So set a passive income goal. It could be monetizing something you already have into a book, a course, etc. or digging into more traditional passive income streams and routes like investments (public and private), direct sales, real estate, etc.

3. Set a goal to acclimate yourself to wealth.

If I had to bet, this one probably isn't on your list yet. But seriously, set a money goal to upgrade “the abundance” in your experience.

This one may sound strange, but let me break it down. It’s important!

I always use to word ACCLIMATIZING when it comes to money.⁣

At the moment, you're "acclimatized to" or "comfortable with" a certain amount of abundance. ⁣

So, it's going to take some de-conditioning for you to release those generational habits - so you can create a "new normal"⁣ for yourself. You can do that by intentionally upgrading one part of your life or work to help you feel more abundant.

What would be an upgrade in your experience right now and over the course of the remainder of this year when it comes to your personal abundance — in your life or how things flow in your work and business?

Do you need to buy yourself some time and hire a house cleaner?

Would going on a “girls trip” create a little more fun and freedom in your life?

Do you need a full time assistant or some other critical hire to grow in your business?

Most things are buyable experiences. But this doesn't have to cost you anything. It could be deciding to only use the "good china" dinner plates for family meals. Or committing to daily exercise on your calendar.

Think outside the box and pick something meaningful and symbolic to you. You can start with one upgrade and gradually add more to your goal list. 

Now, lean in, because I have something to tell you. Goals are meant to support you. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Stop thinking that if it’s not perfect, you won’t achieve your goals. It can be so easy. I promise.

Know that it's safe for you to set goals. It's safe for you to ask for what you want. Yes, this may bring up some stuff for you, but everything you want is available. You just have to be brave and ask for it.

Abundance is yours.


Alexandra Taketa

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