6 Ways To Earn MORE and Work LESS

Do you really believe you can earn MORE working less?

Most people think you have to work harder, hustle more, and work longer to make more money.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

This is one of the most common money blocks I see, “that making money has to be hard or require hard work.” We are taught and learn from an early age adages like, “no pain, no gain” or “an honest days work, for an honest days pay.”

This is a block I have to continuously work on — that making money doesn’t have to be hard!

Maybe you have this same subconscious belief that stops you from taking action or sabotages your efforts to make things easier.

The first step is to look at your money mindset and clear up any limiting beliefs or fears that may be holding you back. 

Truly, making money doesn’t have to come at the cost of your health, sanity or family. It doesn’t have to require constant hustle, struggle, sweat and tears.

From my own journey and helping hundreds of other entrepreneurs change this belief I have a load of strategies to help you work less and earn more. 

Here are 6 Practical Strategies to Help You Earn MORE and Work LESS.

1) Prioritize money-making activities⁠.

How many of the actions on your daily to-do list are actually making you money?

I call these your "money makers" or income producing activities. Get honest with yourself. How many of the activities are time waster's? 

Likely, there are only a few things that bring revenue in your business and connect you with your clients or customers. What does that look like for you? How can you organize your time to day to spend more time on your money makers? 

2) Systematize, automate⁠, batch tasks and save time

Systematize & Automate. This is a huge time saver. Many entrepreneurs spend too much time doing things manually that could be automated. Or maybe you find yourself reinventing the wheel over and over, because you don't have systems in place to support tasks or projects that are consistently used in your business.

This could be email auto-responders, or setting up templates for business forms that clients regularly have to complete, or putting together a social media strategy instead of posting randomly.

If you have a task that is recurring in your business it needs a system or process. Systems save you time and create leverage. Bonus: this also makes it easier for you to delegate the process to an assistant or someone on your team. You could even enlist an assistant to create the process or system for you and them document it!

Let's talk about batching work. If you aren't doing this, it's time to start. Giving yourself blocks of time to work on similar projects will make you more productive and creative. It will save you so much time. For example, if you send out a weekly newsletter, maybe you want to "batch" it and write 5 in one sitting and schedule them out. Or maybe you have days that are dedicated to sales calls or client meetings. 

3) Choose a business model that creates leverage and works FOR you

This is a big one and it's important. Seriously, get intimate with your money. What does it take to make money in your business?

If you have a low dollar product, you have to sell ALOT more to make more money. If you have a high dollar product, a few sales will get you to the same amount.

Some questions to consider: How do you imagine your ideal day? Does your business support that? Can you leverage time differently?

For example, if you have lots of 1:1 clients could you offer a group program instead?

4) Delegate, delegate, delegate⁠ (aka: receive, receive, receive)

You do not have to be the "Chief Everything Officer" in your business. In fact, if you try to be you will become the bottleneck in your business and slow your growth.

Where can you free up time? What tasks can you outsource or delegate? While your asking that, check in if anything needs to come off the list completely. If so, eliminate it. 

For delegating, start with the things that you don't enjoy doing or that aren't your best talent, then work your way through your to-do list!

The most powerful leaders and the key to growth, is allowing yourself to be a powerful receiver. Allowing in support is a total game-changer and money maker! You will free up so much capacity. 

5) Create passive income products⁠ or make passive income a revenue stream that works for you

Next up, the biggest thing you can do to save time is create a product or revenue streams that don't require your time. This is something many people resist. It could be as simple as an e-book, or creating a digital course. Other more traditional routes include adding a network marketing product to your business. Or taking the time to explore options like real estate investment, or investing in public or private companies.

6) Give yourself permission⁠
Lastly, give yourself permission to earn more and work less.

It's totally okay and safe for you to earn an amazing income without burning yourself out or draining every last drop of energy from yourself.

Even if other people in your life are working hard, you can choose to do it differently.

Even if you don’t think it “counts” if you don’t put blood, sweat and tears into your work. 

Even if your work is easy, and even you get a lot of joy out of what you do!

It’s totally okay for you to make more money without working harder.

If you need permission, I’m giving it to you. Right here and now.

Abundance is yours.



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