8 Strategies For Ditching Fear + Manifesting Your Greatest Desires

Lately, I've been tackling some big projects that keep bringing up my fear. (Will it be good enough? Who am I to do this? What if it doesn't work?) Ironically, many of my clients have recently asked me how I manage to stay so grounded and self-confident in life and work. I love being asked this question because the short answer is ... I don't. Some days, self-doubt creeps in and my fear threatens to hijack my progress.

We all have fear. I have learned that loving myself and my vision is the answer. Nothing great gets created in our comfort zone. And if you face your fear head on, your negative thoughts don't stand a chance. So, I turn to the tools I spent years growing, collecting, and practicing. My toolkit is stocked with simple yet powerful practices and tricks that anyone can use to connect with their truth and get back in the right emotional mindset. These things help me feel confident and stay aligned with what I want.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. I focus on and visualize what I want.

Desire directs focus. When my desires are clear, heartfelt, and backed by love, they are powerful. The clarity channels my creative energy and experience to create my desires.

Scripting is one of my favorite tools to activate my imagination and bring more positive energy and hope to my desire. Similar in concept to writing a "script" for a movie, you write the script for achieving your desire. Your job is to describe in detail everything about your desire exactly as you want it to be. Focus on and home in on details that help you feel good about your dream and desire.

2. I commit to my desire.

Wanting something is passive. Deciding means jumping in with two feet and doing whatever it takes. By committing to your desire you clear away the clutter and thus open your channel to receive. You become a match for the resources, opportunities, people, and inspiration that are in alignment with your desire.

3. I remember my "why."

Whenever doubt creeps in and I want to quit, I remember why I'm going after my desire in the first place. I truly believe that my work is of service and can transform others' lives. I refuse to let my fear hold me back from my personal mission. What will keep you going despite your fear?

4. I name my fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs.

This has been transformative for me. Once I know exactly what is holding me back, I can tackle it head on. I almost always see the absurdity of my fear. I remember my fear doesn't define me. It's just a belief or story I no longer want to tell.

5. I invite my inner being and my higher wisdom to support me.

If I am feeling particularly held back by a fear, doubt, limiting belief, or old story, I invite my inner being to support me. I access this wisdom best when I release all resistance. I like to journal to tap into this wisdom. You may prefer to meditate, do yoga, or take a walk in nature. Find what connects you. Just make sure to invite your higher self to support you. Warning: Inspiration and divine winks of synchronicity are likely to show up in response to your call for help.

6. I use affirmations to bolster my desire with belief and faith.

Affirmations work by reprogramming our subconscious mind. The subconscious is where all the stories and beliefs are stored. If you have a belief that is contrary to your desire, you will be limited by that belief. Affirmations help you replace the old stories with shiny, bright, new beliefs that support your dream. Speak them out, write them out, record them, and listen to them—do what works for you. I like to put sticky notes with affirmations on my mirror in my closet. I read them every morning.

7. I hang out with supportive and positive people.

We all need more cheerleaders, not more judges. Your dream doesn't require anyone's approval except your own. Don't waste your time trying to convince others of the worthiness of your ideas, intentions, dreams, or desires. It will only drain the energy you need to focus on your dream and your desire. Don't let a naysayer or jealous, cynical, or negative person squash your dream. Believe in you. Believe in your potential. Believe in your dream.

8. I listen to, read, or watch something inspirational every day.

I read inspirational books and blogs. I listen to self-help experts. I watch motivational videos online. I hang out in social media groups that share valuable material. These things stoke my creative fire and keep my confidence high to achieve my big dreams.

These things keep me grounded, believing in myself and focused on what I want. I still feel fear, but it never sticks around long enough to stop me. I invite you to give these tools a try.



This blog was originally published on Mind Body Green.



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