Do you ever Feel like a Fraud?

Do me a favor.  Google “celebrity imposter syndrome” and see what comes up.

You will see dozens of stars who confess they feel like a “fraud” and deal with imposter syndrome regularly.

They fear they don’t have what it takes, will embarrass themselves, they will be “found out” or somehow not be “enough.”

Ever felt this way? Most women have.

Hopefully, it makes you feel a twinge better knowing you’re not alone, that other massively successful and accomplished women feel this way too.

I was at a meeting recently and someone was making an introduction that included the words, “One of the world’s preeminent authorities on…”

Imagine my surprise when I realized they were introducing me!

Former Alexandra may have been intimidated by that, but the way I’ve overcome this particular fear and feeling like an imposter is to forgive myself for not knowing everything, while at the same time realizing what *I do know* can really help people.

Being in business is simply sharing your gifts (knowledge and expertise) with others who don’t have them or need them.

Your experiences are valuable; your opinions are useful; your knowledge is important; your products or services are needed.

Women often sabotage themselves, because they think they have to know everything about something before they teach about it, sell it, share it or make an offer. They fear if they don’t know everything they’ll be exposed as a fraud.

When I first started teaching and coaching about money, I wondered if I needed to be a financial planner and have wealth management expertise. But in reality, the world didn’t need me to try to be Suze Orman. I just needed to be me and bring my experience, unique vantage point and expertise.

Giving myself this permission was a huge relief. I didn’t have to worry about being exposed as a fraud because I wasn’t trying to pretend to be something I’m not.

You are an expert to someone. Believe in that. And above all, know what YOU bring is enough.

Abundance is yours.




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