Find Your Power In the Ebbs and Flows

We all go through cycles and seasons. 

Everything has ebbs and flows. It's natural law.

There are countless examples in nature -- the waves in the ocean, the seasons of summer-fall-winter-spring, the moon waning and waxing.

As women we have a cycle each month when we are menstruating.

In our business we have cycles -- times we can be highly productive, energetic and full on in our energy. And times when we need to rest, slow down, contemplate, breathe and just be.

You can access the full conversation here: Find Your Power In The Ebbs and Flows.

When I teach about money, abundance and business growth I often teach more "feminine" business principles -- learning how to lean less on the masculine energy of pushing and forcing and instead into a softening. I love a good plan and I love to put it into action.

And, I understand that sometimes it's about making space. Making ourselves available. More allowing. More faith. More trust.

Ebbs and flows are natural, needed, and desired.

It doesn't mean we don't show up to the do the work, but we understand that we can find just as much power in the ebb as the flow.

Because despite our collective training to be "busy" all the time, wisdom knows that even resting can be productive. Something absolutely necessary can be happening, even when it may not "look" like work is being done. But it is.


It's trusting that even when we don't feel our most energized, or feel our most amped or when our schedules aren't jammed packed -- this can still be productive energy or a productive time for us.

This can simply entail managing our internal state -- with a feeling of trust. Knowing that things will get better. Things will unfold. Opportunities are making their way to you, even if you can't see it with your physical eyes.

I still unpack this one. And fall out of trust and alignment.

The conversation in my mind usually goes something like, "If I'm not being productive, I'm not valuable." Or, "I didn't do enough. I need to do more to be worthy of being paid..."

Just this past month, one of my mastermind clients was very ill.  Despite a couple of weeks "off"  -- her business didn't crumble. In fact, she realized there were several things on her plate she no longer needed to do. That ebb created tremendous insight, was highly productive even though little  "work" was being done. And it was incredibly "freeing" as a result.

So, the way I see it....being vibrationally productive is finding a way to feel in alignment in the ebbs and the flows.

And I get it. This is a BIG one.

As women, when it comes to money, business and just about everything we want flow.

I want to be more excited.
I want more money.
I want to be more inspired.
I want to be more creative.
I want more clients.
I want more...

Ever feel like this?

Me too!

But this is key. Because if we can find our POWER in the ebb, we can start to revolutionize things for ourselves.

We can show up for ourselves and love ourselves.

We can show up for ourselves in faith when we are "waiting" for the "yes" from our client or customer.

We can show up for ourselves and hold just as much faith on a "slow" day as we would on an energetic and action packed day.

This is a next level in receivership.

And it's all part of creating next level results and quantum leaps in your abundance.

So, what do you think? What would it be like see your life or business through the lens of being "vibrationally productive" -- can you trust?

Reply back. I want to know how this lands for you, what is coming up, and how can I support you.

Abundance is yours.


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