It's time to start thinking, acting and believing like...

Hey Beautiful,

It’s time to start thinking like… acting like… believing like… the next level version of yourself. This is where the magic happens.

When you are able to separate yourself from your current reality and your fears and start tapping into the version of you who already makes the money, has the impact, is doing the thing, and living the life...

What does she do everyday?
How much does she work?
Where does she work from?
What kind of clients does she take on?
What kind of offers, products, things does she sell?
What kind of money flows in through her business?
What kind of support structure, team, etc does she have in place?
How does she think?
How does she speak in to her ideal clients or customers?
What is sharing out in the world to attract her best clients or customers?

I'm giving so many good prompts here…because this is where the gold is found. This is some of my favorite work - the identity work.

I remember when my coaches would ask me, “Well, what would you do today if you already hit your goal?”

And my honest answer would be, "Probably nothing?"

But the truth is, I started noticing who I was when I hit my goals and embodied this next level version of me.

I celebrated more.
I was louder.
I was bolder with my voice and message.
I talked about things that once scared me to say.
I celebrated and shared the transformations of my clients more.
I honored my energy and creativity more.
I gave myself permission to work at a different pace - less force, more flow.
I trusted my intuition to lead me where I needed to go.
I wasn’t afraid to sell - I WANTED to because I was excited for the results women get working with me.
And I was kinder to myself.

This was eye opening for me because … I showed up differently.

Leaning into being the version of me who has already actualized her vision was a game changer. It’s why this is a key part of the work I do with women.

Your energy shifts. You become more magnetic. You call in what you desire more powerfully when you make this shift.

What’s even more fun, is this is the work we get to do together. I’m ready when you are.

Let me know, I want to know how this lands for you. Let's start the conversation. 

Sending love and abundance your way.





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