It's not about working harder. (Money Blocks)

If you think you can just create a new product, work a bit harder, or sell a bit more.... sorry, but it will only get you so far.

To truly upgrade how you attract, earn, generate, make or create’ll have to master your money mindset and remove what's blocking the runway to your riches.

Today, I’m sharing top money and abundance blocks that keep brilliant women stuck in scarcity, broke, drowning in debt, under earning, undercharging, and undervaluing what we are worth.

Before you get depressed, just a reminder, money blocks are normal. And they don't mean you can't be rich.

Self-awareness is the first key to overcoming your sabotage.

Read this list of money blocks. Then read it again. Notice what triggers you, makes you cringe, opens your eyes to something new.

You can't change it if you don't identify it first. Here's the list...

1) Lack of clarity and not asking for what you want.

Are you limiting desires and sending mixed messages about what you want? Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You settle or only go for what think you can have, instead of what you want. Sounds like, "I really want to buy a new car. To make it work, I'll stop going to yoga and never eat out so I can make the payment." Instead of... ASKING for what you really want, and allowing yourself to RECEIVE it.

  • Or, you give your power away and let others make decisions for you. This can look like asking your friends, family, or random folks... "How much should I charge for this service/ product?"

  • Or you simply don't ASK for what you want. Maybe you feel guilty, unworthy, or haven't spent the time to get clear on your goals. Here's the truth: random requests, get random results. For example, if you say, "I want more money." More money may mean finding a dime on the street or $1M dollars in the bank and let's be real, a dime won't change your net worth!

2) Bartering and giving your work away at a discount or worse, for FREE.

Is this you? Maybe you simply don’t put an appropriate value on your work, time, or contribution so you undercharge, or worse you give it away for free.

Maybe you feel guilty, or think your clients, family or friends expect you to just "give" it to them at a lower cost or for free. Usually, this leads to overdelivering and then feeling undervalued, overworked, and frustrated. A recipe for burnout.

3) Believing the universe is limited. Buying into scarcity thinking.

Are you so focused on your current reality that you can’t see what is possible? Are you accepting the lies of zero-sum thinking that suggest "you having more, means others get less"?

4.) Avoiding Money.

Are you the ostrich with her head in the sand? Never checking your bank accounts. Avoiding asking clients to pay you. Not sending invoices. Accepting late payments and tolerating poor money boundaries. Not setting money goals, because, yikes! Letting bills stack up and not paying your expenses on time. Incurring late fees. Maybe it's even gone so far as to tarnish your credit score.

5) Not focused on income-producing activities.

Do you how much you make and how money flows in your business/life? Are you procrastinating on taking action that generates money? Are you hiding behind busy work? Are you putting off making sales calls, never sharing your offers, or only focusing on work that isn't income-producing?

6) Being so generous with others, you leave yourself for last.

Every mom, friend, sister, wife ...woman... in the Universe is probably guilty of this one! I know I have been!

Remember the last time you just gave and gave, and it was all doing, doing, doing ... giving, giving, giving...and no receiving, resting, or allowing? Where did that leave you? You can probably do this a few times and be ok, but make it a habit and instead of feeling inspired and motivated by the value, contribution, and impact you are making - you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, resentful, frustrated, and burned out.

7) Not asking for help.

This one is juicy. So many entrepreneurs are gritty, full of tenacity, and think they can just "do it all." But, in reality, you can't. Are you falling into the DIY trap and not hiring staff, or too scared to invest in yourself or pay for support for your business, because you think it costs too much?

8.) Capping earnings or success with an "upper limit."

If your business results plateau or earnings never exceed a certain amount it may be what business guru Gay Hendricks calls, "The Upper Limit Problem." This is where you experience an “Upper Limit” around happiness, money, and success when things get “too good.” You find ways to sabotage yourself and keep yourself just where it's comfortable.

9.) Denying yourself from an abundant life by overindulging or overspending.

Maybe you overspend or overindulge. Do you make lots of money, only to have none left by the end of the month? Are you spending money you don't have, possibly on things you don't really even want or value? Maybe racking up debt? Either way, you keep yourself stuck in scarcity and lack.

Check-in. Be honest. What is blocking you?

Look for recurring situations: these will hold valuable clues to experiences from your past that you need to clear and release. Otherwise, they’ll keep happening!

Remember, self-awareness is the key to overcoming your sabotage. Doing the work looks different for each block, but generally includes decluttering old money stories, releasing blocks, forgiveness, and more!

Next steps:
1) Read the list and identify your main money blocks.

Abundance is yours.




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