More support. You deserve it.

I'm a business owner, mom of two, wife, volunteer, and friend. I know you understand me when I say life gets busy. 

I also know that like me... you like to have things under control in your life and business. As ambitious, heart centered, loving women who are living full lives... we like to be productive and get sh$t done. 

We want our house to be clean. We want our clients or customers to feel well served, honored and valued. We want our employees to feel respected and excited about their work. We want our kids to feel loved and feel our presence. We want to be there for them and the moments that matter.  We want our spouses or lovers to feel cherished and adored. We also want to be healthy and have time to move our bodies, cook healthy meals and feel our best. 

I could go on and on.

But here is the diamond: To have all that we desire, we have to be wiling to ask for help. Because not asking for help, makes us feel helpless.

Here are some simple things I ask for help with inside my business and life: dog walking, babysitting, housecleaning, gardening, and an assistant in my business. 

Why am I telling you this? Because we all need the reminder that asking for help is good for us.

Here are five simples reason why...

First, there is no reason to feel guilt around asking for more help. You deserve to receive support. To be successful in our businesses, we need to have capacity to focus on important tasks and not be distracted.

No one “does it all." Trying to...just perpetuates the belief that we need to be superhuman. That women should be perfect in ALL the things.

It also almost always leads to burnout, overwhelm or resentment. And that doesn't serve anyone in the end.

Second, it’s a business growth move.

When you do the cost-benefit of spending time on your business versus cleaning your house, it’s a no-brainer, even when you’re starting out.

It will help free up bandwidth & energy for you to grow & do the things ONLY YOU can do.

How many clients or products do you need to sell to outsource _____? Do the math! Then hire someone to help you.

Third, it won’t make your kids spoiled.

Some kids already have a full-time housekeeper…YOU. (I'm guilty too!)

My kids are kind respectful to anyone in our home because they don’t see them as “staff” but as extra adults in their life, like their teachers at school.

My kids still have to make their beds, help set the table, clear plates at dinner, clean their room, take out the trash, sweep or vacuum, and walk the dog, etc. We are all citizens of the household. Getting support helps EVERYONE!

Fourth, it’s a great way to practice giving up control!

Hiring help at home is an excellent practice for delegating and asking for what you want. If you like things a certain way, ask for it!

I’ve learned to give up control because it frees up my time to be creative elsewhere and focus instead on income producing activities.

And yes, I still find myself cleaning … and doing stuff someone else could help me do. Sometimes it feels good, other times it feels like a burden and I notice that and ask myself, "What's keeping me from asking for help?" 

I’m a work I’m progress!! But, I will tell you, asking for help at home, has made asking for what I want in business way easier. I used to shrink from asking my staff to "redo" things and would "settle" for something I didn't love. Now, I send it back and politely ask them to get closer to what I want and I don't feel guilty about it.

Lastly, start small!

It’s really not that expensive to get a little bit of help with the tasks that cause you the most stress. Start small, but start.

Which of these things did you need to hear? Do you struggle with guilt around this? Do you find yourself so generous with others that you leave yourself for last? 

Reply back and let me know! 

Allowing ourselves to receive support, to ask for help (and let it in) is a big part of expanding our abundance. You deserve to be supported.

Love you.




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