What is your Imposter Syndrome Costing You?

Want to know how imposter syndrome can keep you under earning, and maybe even broke?

Like this:

One study by Rebecca Burn-Callander: Imposter Syndrome: Women’s Career Killer showed that, due to imposter syndrome, 55% of self-employed women automatically discount their prices before the client even asks for a lower price.

The cost is real.  

Let's break it down. If you charge around $100/hour, work 30-hours/week and take a few weeks of vacation per year you’d earn about $150,000/year.

Let’s say you discount your services just a bit, like 15%, it’s $22,500 you’re giving away because you don't think you’re good enough to earn more.

That's way more than a few pennies left on the table. That’s private school tuition. A new car. An incredible luxury vacation. A down payment on a home. All gone.

This money block shows up in sneaky ways.

Clients of mine have admitted to me that when customers start ringing up big tabs, they feel compelled to offer discounts (without being asked).

Another client admitted, she always pays the shipping costs for her clients.

While another client confessed to me, that she was afraid to raise the price of her course because she felt like an imposter. Even though she has made millions in her business and personally invested way more money in courses and coaching, she wasn't willing to charge her clients the same rates.

Imposter syndrome is women’s silent money killer.

We need more financially empowered women in this world.

If you’re ready to purge imposter syndrome from your life, come join me in my free community, Abundance Revolution.

Abundance is yours.



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