Why I thought I had to change who I was ...

Hey Beautiful,

Making wild amounts of money starts with remembering our innate ability to do so.

I once thought I had to change who I was to make more money. That I had to be more “something” that I wasn’t.

This drove me to feel like I needed to be more, add more and do more...

...more degrees, more certifications, more content, more effort, and more.

Until it felt so overwhelming, I had no choice but to question whether it was necessary.

Believing that I already am enough is what changed everything.

Liberating me from all the people pleasing, approval seeking, second guessing, overcompensating and over-efforting.

We tend to undervalue what comes to us most easily, and yet, what comes to us most easily is often our most valuable work. Being ourselves.

Being yourself is ENOUGH.

Bringing your wisdom, your creativity, your experience, your skills, your intuition, and your leadership is enough. 

Sometimes it's not just about weeding out the disbelief, but more about tending to the belief.

Nourishing it so it can flourish.

Remembering the truth of our own magic.

Owning it. Tending to it. And then sharing it.

So no, we don’t have to change who we are to make more money.

If anything, it’s more an unlearning, than a learning.

It’s more simplifying, than endless adding.

It’s less becoming more, than it is realizing, that we already are enough. And building on that truth.

We are already wildly worthy and more than enough.

Abundance is yours.




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