A Money Lesson Straight from Mother Teresa

I had a family member text me an article calling for change. I’m all for creating good in the world, but rather than talking about how we can create change, most of the article focused on sweeping generalizations about how bad and evil rich people are.

You know the ones -- rich people are greedy. Rich people stole their money. Rich people think they are above the law. Rich people are miserable.

I found it fascinating. (Clearly, my uncle has NO idea what I do for a living, but that's another story!)

Let's be honest - anyone can complain, judge, and criticize. It's free.

But, seriously? Who are you helping when you are broke?

Yes, I know. There are many ways to give and help others that don't involve money.

You can give your time, your love, your energy, your wisdom, and your support.

Absolutely, we should do all those things! The world is calling for change and needs our light.

But It was actually Mother Teresa who said, "It takes a checkbook to change the world."

It takes money to build schools and playgrounds, purchase food for the hungry, fund the shelters for the needy, donate to libraries or the protection systems that support those in desperate need.

It's easy to forget. It's easy to generalize and get stuck in judgment. It's easy to tune into the anger and frustration that is all over social media and in the news.

Again, who does that help?

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but there was a big portion of my life where that was me. I was stuck in judgment because I was stuck in scarcity.

The truth is, no amount of being poor makes anyone's life better.

Ninety-nine percent of the "people with money" got there because they worked for it, they had a brilliant idea, they employed people, they had something of value to offer the world, they contributed to the growth of the economy. And many of them choose to give back.

Maybe some of them are jerks, some poor people are jerks too.

YOU deserve to be rewarded and well-compensated for the good work and the value you provide.

But here is the kicker, it's hard to actually make any money, be financially stable or become a more prosperous version of yourself -- when you are judging what that represents.

Your brain is hardwired to keep you safe. If making money seems like a threat in your subconscious mind - you will sabotage your money-making efforts at every step.

Lack and scarcity thinking are what keeps people stuck in poverty and broke.

And it helps NO ONE.

It just eliminates the option of choosing to be...

Rich and generous.
Wealthy and happy.
Prosperous and spiritual.
Rich and an agent for change and a force for good in the world.

These are real options. The AND is a real choice.

Abundant, rich, and empowered women (and men) can change the world.

Being rich or wealthy isn't just about lifestyle. It's also about contribution and impact.

If you have the wherewithal and the capacity to create massive abundance and wealth, I would argue it's your duty.

All across this world, there are millions of people who need our help who don't have that capacity. Our planet needs you to be abundant and generous.

In your abundance, you can show up more powerfully for yourself, your community, your family, our schools, our earth, and for those in need.

If ever there was a time, that the world needs you to be rich, prosperous, and in your true abundance, it's now.

Abundance is yours.



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