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abundance bosslady momboss Jul 21, 2021

This morning, I spent time leading a group coaching call for top leaders of a big corporate client of mine.

Midday, I met with a new client and their team. Afterwards, I drove home to join my kids for a full afternoon of summer activities including a tennis lesson, walking the dog, and swim team. I spent about 30 minutes writing this email, connecting with a teammate, and following up with current and prospective client messages and emails.

One of the leaders on this morning’s coaching call asked me, “How do I figure out how to do all the things?!”

I get this question a lot. Maybe you are thinking about this too.

(Which is why I was inspired to write you this blog today!)

The answer. You don’t!

At the risk of being unpopular, the truth is you simply can’t do all the things. It leads to burnout and exhaustion.

Decide to be the CEO of your business instead.

What are things SHE does, the CEO of your business?

What are the needle movers and income drivers?

What brings in revenue? What is the impact work that drives your business?

What are the activities only YOU can do that advance your business forward?

Get into the vision —you running your most successful business with flow— what are you spending time doing? What did you stop doing to get there?

Most likely, it’s going to come back to a few core areas:
1) serving your clients and customers,
2) building new client or customer relationships (marketing efforts, business development meetings, launches, events  and sales calls, etc.) and,
3) adding value in your zone of genius (finding ways to show up and contribute as the expert in your field ).

All the other stuff, yes, it has to get done… team meetings, invoices, paying the bills, administrative tasks, etc.

However, it shouldn’t take the majority of your time, and probably there are things you can eliminate, delegate or outsource. (Hint: asking yourself those questions can be powerful too!)

What do you need to start doing or do more of — to be the CEO of your business?

And just as important, what do you need to stop doing— to be the CEO of your business?

Abundance is yours.



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