Are You Doing This? (Write your Goals Down)

Writing your goals down is a completely different energy than thinking about them or dreaming about them.

It feels like a commitment.

I get it, setting goals can feel scary. As in, "What if I can't make it?" or "HOW is it going to all come together?"

Remember, any fear you feel is a reflection of your conditioning, not your potential.

Go ahead and read that again.

All of us have to tap into courage when we are going for big goals, upping our money game and claiming our worth.

For those too scared - why?

Here is the truth, setting the goal will only move you closer to claiming and manifesting what you desire.

Energy goes where attention flows. The first step is to create your goal -- is to get crystal clear about your intention - write it down and be specific.

So give it a try. Write down your income goal for the next month, 90 days, and the year.

Inside my Money Mastery course - I encourage women to get clear on their individual revenue streams (how money flows into your business/bank account) and think about each one separately, then from there come up with a total. This tip may help you too!

Don't get caught up making it perfect. You don't need a fancy spreadsheet. Grab your notebook, or a clean sheet of paper, or even a scratch pad, and just write it down. NOW!

Abundant empowered women change the world.

Abundance is yours.



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