Breaking Through Upper Limits

Let’s be really honest. Sometimes creating true abundance requires us to explore our shadow sides and reveals the messy spaces we still need to clean up.

Gay Hendricks, in his book The Big Leap, coined the term Upper Limit. You've probably heard me talk about this concept as an abundance block. Gay says when we reach what we think is our upper limit — of success, happiness, wealth, health, whatever- we tend to exhibit resistant behaviors that knock us back down a notch or two.

Why? It’s a comfort zone thing.

It’s uncomfortable sitting outside of our comfort zone. There’re variables out there, risks of disappointment, worries, and anxieties about sustainability. All the anxiety-provoking what-ifs you could possibly think of sit right on the other side of that comfy line. So when we move up to the line and step over, we freak out and jump back over again for a bit.

Living in full abundance requires us to commit to growth, rather than comfort.

Recently, I noticed some of my own resistant behaviors and an upper limit surfacing in particular areas of my life. 

I was coasting along on autopilot, and some sneaky bad habits were stealing my energy and joy.

It would be easy to place blame or make excuses for myself ... but I’ve been on this healing and growth journey long enough to know that choosing to take responsibility and owning my part is what leads to lasting change.

I openly admit that a big part of my journey into abundance has been about learning to lean into total self-acceptance and letting go of critical thoughts or judgment towards others.

Luckily, there have been a few key people in my life who held the space of unconditional love for me, and it’s illuminated the power and deep nourishment that can be cultivated and found when we choose love.

While I’ve made huge strides and cleared so many beliefs, old stories, and judgments... it’s not complete.

I found myself doing this work again because it's the work that has to happen to heal, grow and transform! (New level, same old devil!)

I want to share this with you so openly because it's important you know that it's completely natural to come up against upper limits.

Life requires us to keep expanding into more for our own fulfillment. We are here to do epic things and we want to enjoy the process!

True abundance means allowing ourselves to sustain wealth, abundance, happiness, love, joy, and creativity for longer and longer increments of time --not just fleeting moments - but years or decades of it and beyond!

Here's what I noticed in my own experience... I want all that, but I don't always allow it.

Maybe you can relate?

It looks like marveling in a moment of joy, or celebrating a success, or experiencing a period of deep intimacy ... only to have that feeling screech to a halt because we take ourselves out of it. We pick a fight with our spouse, manifest unexpected bills, lower our vibration with obsessive worrying, or do something else that separates us from our natural abundance.

We all have our unique brand of self-sabotage.

Again, this is the work.

I’m no longer willing to tolerate my bad habits and old stories because they keep me small, stuck in lack, unhappy, and disconnected. They keep me from fully expanding into the light I want to be for myself and others.

This is the work.  
This is the work of busting through our own upper limits.
This is the work of how easy we will allow it to be.
This is the work of how much love we will allow in.
This is the work of how much prosperity we will accept.
This is the work of how much health and happiness we will let in.
This is the work of how much creativity we will allow ourselves to express.

It’s up to each of us to do the work, because nobody else can besides ourselves.

I'm with you on the journey. I believe in you.

The world needs you to take the big leap into your abundance.

Abundance is yours.



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