Don't Believe the Lies!



Let's really break this down.

Money allows you to pay your bills, feed your family (and animals), live in your home, employ people, buy things, stimulate the economy, donate, give and share generously.

Money is not bad. Wanting money is not bad. Focusing on money is not bad.

Desiring to attract money, manifest money, or generate money is not wrong.

Money is a neutral resource. A Tool. A way to live our most abundant and fully expressed lives.

Where we get energetically tangled up... is when we do things we do not want to do, do things that do not feel right to us, or override our hearts and integrity to make money.

The truth: When people do the things they like to do, want to do, feel good about doing and feel called to do... and charge money for them...

They tend to make more money than when they do the things they felt the had to do to be financially supported.

It's not that you simply start charging money for your gifts + skills one day and everything is automatically and easily perfect and profitable right away.

(There will be determination, focus, intention and action. Yes, you have to work.)

But when you do what you love -- you have motivation, passion, and desire on your side. And those are some powerful forces.

It's not about doing things you don't want to do, thinking they are the only way to make money. The vibe is doing what you truly desire to do knowing it's worthy of money.

It's remembering that what you do is not the source of money, it's how money can flow through to you.

In today's VLOG conversation, I share how I keep all of this sorted inside of myself + and how I come from a clear and clean energy that is service-based place in my desire for and focus on money.

Check it out to elevate your vibe around money and clear up any of the clutter.

Abundance is yours.




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