Feel Into Your Next Breakthrough


Hey Beautiful,

Every month, I gather with my the money queens inside of Money Mastery and we hop on an intimate group call to coach and mentor.

The October call came on the heels of me attending a powerful in person retreat and immersion experience. Riding the wave of that energy, I felt inspired to share a message. And what came through was a powerful channeled transmission on "getting your body on board"-- how to tune your nervous system to hold bigger energy for bigger money, more flow, and abundance. 

We went DEEP. 

I shared a VERY personal story and the details of what it looks like to do the money work, clear energy in the body and access next levels.

It was all about FEELING into your next breakthrough and working with your body, emotions, and boundaries. It was juicy, rich, vulnerable and packed with wisdom. 

My intuition is saying you may want to listen to this recording. That someone out there needs it...so I'm sharing it with you. I stripped out the coaching portion and included only the teaching and transmission.

If you are feeling like there is stuck energy or emotion in your body that needs to be released so you can access more flow, or if you are ready to step into "more" -- I encourage you to dive into this lesson. You can listen to the recording on your next walk or drive.  Or listen to it like you would listen to your favorite podcast. And be prepared to tap into a next level.  You may want to have your journal handy.  

If you feel called to join me in these monthly conversations, or want access to me for coaching, mentoring and special masterclasses and workshop -- you can join me and a fabulous community of women doing this work together inside Money Mastery Academy. You can get all the details here: Money Mastery Academy.


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