Feeling Burned Out?

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2022

Many of my clients and business friends have experienced burnout, and I have, too. Full disclosure, it's happened multiple times in my career.

The first time I felt this way, I was embarrassed I couldn’t hack it and felt guilty, afraid I was going to disappoint people. I didn’t want to let anyone down.

In my quest to succeed, I’d created too much work for myself, and one day woke up feeling totally burned out.

Even in my entrepreneurial journey, there are times I wondered if I should just give it up.

I admit I think about work when I’m on vacation. I get blog ideas on walks with my dog. I get downloads of meditations to record while I workout. I love digging into work and creating content that inspires.

I’m a high achiever by any measure. I like to get stuff done! And that’s never going to change.

If that’s you too…let’s just accept that we are lifelong learners, creative beings, and leaders who love to serve.

We are thinking about our work and businesses because we love them.
There’s nothing wrong with that.

But if it leads to burnout because you don’t take time off, or you ignore your health or resist sustainable business practices, it’s a huge problem. If you aren’t experiencing that problem yet, you will!

I’ve scheduled launches back to back, overestimated the clients I can take on, overbooked myself— and forgot I was human! We all need time to restore, replenish and enjoy some fun!

Do you really want to burnout, instead of having a long successful, and rewarding work life with balance? Me neither.

I want to work in FLOW, and enjoy my life! So, after some trial and error…I’ve designed my business to help me do that.

Let me remind you: as the CEO of your life and business, you get to make up the rules!

If you have a business that requires every ounce of you, with zero boundaries, it’s only a matter of time before it catches up. Either in the form of a health issue or another disaster, you don’t want.

We can avoid that undesirable outcome by choosing to look after ourselves.

Today, on the vlog we’re digging into some of the classic ways we burn ourselves out and what to do about it!


Inside the video blog I explain…

  1. Why being a perfectionist will cost you money and possibly your happiness. It’s a prime ingredient in burnout.
  2. Why working harder isn’t always the solution and how more effort doesn’t always equate to more money.
  3. The importance of knowing when to say no, and creating space to focus on what matters most to you.

You can profit a long time from your creativity, ingenuity, skills and talents… but not if you exhaust yourself or kill the source of it all in the process.

It’s a long game. Doing a better job of putting yourself higher on the to-do list matters!

Abundance is yours.



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