Go Get that Money

The universe loves an action taker!

Remember that income goal I asked you to set...today's reminder is to focus and take action on the things that will drive revenue (make money)!

It's the good old 5% Rule. Five percent of your actions, drive ninety-five percent of your results. And usually, that five percent requires the most from you. It's the stuff that is uncomfortable, that we don't like to do...because we have to be brave.

I get what it's like to procrastinate on money-making activities. But today, I'm asking you to put on the big girl boss pants and woman up.

Check out today's 5% Rule based 'To Do' list and take it as your reminder to be proactive:

1) Send your invoices.
Don't second guess and worry that your services or your products are expensive. Assume your clients and customers are WILLING AND HAPPY TO PAY for the incredible value you deliver.

2) Collect your payments.
It's ok to send a gentle reminder or simply ask for money that is due.

3) Reach out and follow up with potential clients and customers.
Are you sitting on an opportunity? Do you need to reach out and email, message or call a potential client or customer? It's really easy to sabotage easy money or low-hanging fruit. Crazy, but true.

4) Share your services, products, or offers.
Tell people how you can help. Share how to work with you, buy your products, etc. Be specific. For example, "I'm taking on two more clients in August, message me to chat." Or, "Use this link to receive 25% off this bundle."

5) Follow up with past customers and clients.
Are you missing repeat business opportunities by staying quiet? Your best customers or clients may be the ones you have already served. Stay front of mind by reaching out, checking in, and offering value.

6) Ask for referrals.
A warm introduction and recommendation can be "the thing" that sets you apart from your competitors. Ask your current clients to make introductions. Ask for referrals. For example, "My business is built on referrals. I would appreciate it if you could refer me to 2 or 3 friends and I will gladly follow up."

An object in motion stays in motion. Once you start, you will attract other ideas! Money likes money.

Go get that money, honey!

Abundance is yours!



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