Healing Meditation To Ground, Release and Receive


I recorded this beautiful meditation LIVE inside my facebook community to support you all to heal, ground, release and receive.

I know many of you are struggling.

Some of you are losing jobs, worried about money and concerned for your own and loved ones health. You are grappling with what’s next, as your entire world is shifting under your feet. 

I can’t pretend I’m not impacted by this as well.  I’m processing it, dealing with it and feeling it too! 

The reality is things are NOT normal and may not be for quite some time.  Transformation is happening on a global scale. New ways of working, leading and living are in motion. 

And, we are all involved with this crazy dynamic - trying to figure out ways to cope, carry on, and lead inside our families and our businesses.

Please, give yourself permission to FEEL it. Even if it’s uncomfortable. 

Maybe you are trying to be brave for the people in your life - and not allowing your worries out.

It’s times like this, that require you to show up. Be real. Get vulnerable.  

If you ever watched a good movie, you know the hero always has to face her own demons before she comes out the other side. It's the work. 

I heard John Maxwell, one of my own mentors, tell a group of people on a recent talk, "Hard times don't turn us into someone else, hard times show us who we always were."

I admit, I've had many moments where I questioned my ability to deal with it all recently.

Thoughts like... the economy is tanking and we are losing all our money!  Only to then remember all the abundance that is truly around me now, in this moment. 

And feelings of anger mixed with a sense of powerlessness - wishing I had more control. Only to then remember, I don’t get to decide what anyone else does, how long this lasts, or the fate of the world economy or everyone's health. I only get to choose how I feel and react. 

The truth is I am strong.  And so are YOU! 

You are brave. You are capable. You are abundant. You will make it through this, just like every challenge you have ever met before. 

Something I have been doing daily that supports me is listening to my meditations.  It gets me back into alignment when it feels wobbly. It reminds me of the deeper truth - that all is well, and this too shall pass.  This LIVE meditation is that reminder. Click on the video above, put your  headphones on and enjoy the soothing beauty of this grounding healing meditation to release and receive. 

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