What Would Wonder Woman Do? Or, how abundant thinkers think...

When I was little girl, we used to play imaginative games and pretend to be Charlie's Angels or super heroes like the Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman.

Although Lindsey Wagner and Farrah Fawcett were the bomb, all I ever wanted to be was Wonder Woman. 

After all, she was princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior, flew an invisible plane and wielded a lasso of truth. 

She was totally bad-ass.

She was powerful, pretty, cool, smart, sexy and could solve just about any problem in front of her with grace, class and a bit of grit.  

Are you feeling me? 

(And if you don't know what I'm talking about, do yourself a favor... go watch the re-runs on you-tube and you will understand the allure.)

I coach amazing women, and what I notice over and over is how many of these same women doubt their worth and question their brilliance. 

It got me thinking, what would Wonder Woman do?

Seriously, what if you could just bring a bit of her hutzpah into your experience and business. What would that be like?

Stay with me...

You know I'm all about creating abundance...and if thoughts precede circumstance...then, think abundance and it will objectify (or create abundance.)

Likewise, think scarcity and lack, well then, that is what you create.

So, how do you create an abundance mindset?

How do you create the Wonder Woman effect of total bad-assery, self confidence and owning your worth in your own experience?

How do abundant thinker's think?

Through coaching some truly phenomenal women who get amazing results and live beautifully rich lives, this is what I know to be true...

First, it's always an inside / out job. You can't skip the work. It's law.

I've also noticed some key habits and choices create the biggest difference and separates the pack...

1) Abundant thinkers embody the next level version of themselves, before they even get there. I call it embodying #yourfutureself. Or in other words, be your own Wonder Woman in the now. What would your own version of Wonder Woman do, how would she think, and how would she show up? How would she approach her clients, her work, invest in herself, and believe in herself? Go do that! 

As you see yourself further along than you are,  gradually you will begin to embody her more powerfully.  Eventually your behaviors will catch up to your thoughts, and you become her. 

2) Abundant thinkers live in the non-negotiable (versus optional). They #commit. They slide all the options off the table and go all in, decide and do what it takes to make it happen. They do the work (inside and out.)

3) Abundant thinkers don't ask for permission. They believe in their worthiness and ASK for what they WANT. Ever notice how successful people don't question if its an option? They assume it's possible and go for it. 

4) Abundant thinkers are NOT worried about what other's think. They don't seek approval. Instead they just be themselves. The best gift you can give others (and yourself) is to be the best version of you! No one will do YOU better than YOU!

5) Abundant thinkers fail. They just fail forward. It's not that abundant / successful people don't fail, they do! But instead of focusing on "failing" - they focus on harvesting and learning the lesson when things don't "work out" as planned. #growthmindset

6) Abundant thinkers take action - even if they aren't ready, or feel scared or don't know HOW it will all work out. One foot in front of the other, they move the needle by taking action on their goals and dreams.

I'm curious, which one stands out to you?

Would doing one more of things change your results?

What does being your own Wonder Woman mean for you?

Drop me a comment by REPLYING to this email and let me know! I love to hear from you!

Abundance is yours. 

Talk soon.





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