How Do You Know If You Have Money Blocks?

How do you know if you have money blocks? 

The energetic blocks around money...are the same things that are keeping you from doing things like attracting a few more clients, increasing your prices, charging more for your services, collecting past due invoices, sharing your offers... and so much more!

Grab your journal and ask yourself....

✨ What are some of your core money beliefs?
✨ How do your beliefs around money show up in your life?
✨ How would you describe your relationship with money? (Frustrating, needy, loving, or full of flow?)
✨How do you treat money: do you hold onto it, hoard it, let it go freely, let it pass you by?
✨If you are being honest, does money intimidate you - or even scare you?
✨ Does money elude you?

Take it another step further...

✨What does being a wealthy woman mean to you?
✨Do you have excuses about what you're allowed to earn?
✨Do you have preconceived notions about how much someone from your background can make?
✨ Do you think you have to completely change how you dress or even who you are as a person if you become wealthy?

Before you get depressed about your answers, let me tell you some fabulous news... you can manifest anything you want! And these answers will help you identify the blocks.

Attracting abundance is about going within to see where you are holding yourself back (i.e. blocking yourself) from making, earning, attracting, generating, and receiving more money. This includes old stories and beliefs that you hold as true, experiences, or perceptions of your ability to make money, energetic blocks to receiving money, etc.

These blocks are your responsibility to deal with. No one else's.

That can be hard to hear, but if you embrace it, then it can be the most empowering thing ever...because you don't have to change anything or anyone except yourself. ✨

The power is all inside of you.

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