How To Embody A State Of Gratitude

Hey Gorgeous,

If you know me, you know I love teaching about embodying your future self and embodying the next version of who we are becoming.

But sometimes thinking so far ahead into the future can have us future tripping and feeling stressed and anxious about where we are now in relation to the tomorrow we want to create.

Let's talk about how you can find that sweet spot in between -- excited for what's coming, while staying present are delighting in where you are today.

I recently started a new gratitude practice and I want to share with you.This one simple tool may just change your life.

Take this practice in and let yourself be filled up with the power of gratitude. Added benefit, you will simultaneously melt away stress and anxiety!

The exercise is potent when it comes to focusing on the present moment and staying focused on the “now.”

So here’s the exercise. I demonstrate how to do it here:
Embody A State of Gratitude

It’s called “Just For Today” and it goes something like this:

Think about the present moment and see what you can feel grateful for RIGHT NOW. Just for today.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s going be there tomorrow… or the next week... or years from now. JUST. FOR. TODAY.

Start to list things out that you are grateful for just for today, repeat them out loud like this:

“Just for today, I am happy.”

“Just for today, my home is clean and I love the feeling.”

“Just for today, I’m appreciating my body, the workout I did this morning and feeling healthy, alive, and good in my body.”

“Just for today, I enjoying the the meal I ate. It was warm and so delicious.”

“Just for today, I am feel clear and I am so grateful for my vision.”

"Just for today, I had a morning of client calls - private clients, my mastermind and my Money Mastery Academy and I loved connecting with clients who fuel me."

"Just for today, I am grateful I get to do work I love."

“Just for today, I am so grateful for internet access and connection to friends and family who don’t live with me.”

“Just for today, my home is well heated.”

“Just for today, my body feels relaxed.”

"Just for today, driving my kids to school was joy."

You get the point now.

Try it, give it a go, and let me know how you feel afterward!

I am OBSESSED with this practice and it works like a charm in times of stress for me.

This practice is about being PRESENT and practicing gratitude for the abundance available to you right now, in this moment.

It’s you, feeling the emotions YOU want to feel. Because when you prioritize the way you want to feel the majority of the hours of the day— you match up to how your future self feels all the time.

And feeling this way now in your present, is what brings you into the quantum and bridges you to your next level (yep, future you!)

I know, mind blowing right?!

So, give yourself permission to feel all the juicy emotions. Start being grateful for what's happening now, "just for today."

Romanticizing and getting into the good feelings of even the smallest of moments of our day creates and expands the abundance.

It elevates our energy. And elevates our energetic resonance.

Are you with me?

REPLY back and let me know if you try this practice on, just for today.

Abundance is yours.



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