How to Figure Out What You Want...


Do you know what you want?

I'm talking about what you truly desire in your soul, not what you - kinda, sorta, maybe - think you want.

I work with so many women entrepreneurs who are stuck trying to do all the things. Mostly, because they haven't spent the time to figure out what they really want and desire. And because a subconscious programming - a lack and scarcity driven mindset - is telling them doing all the things will help them be successful.

The truth is focus and making space for what you truly want  (and allowing yourself to let go of what isn't serving you) is what creates abundance in your experience. 

Getting clear about what you desire is always one of the first steps in designing an abundant life or business.

With that in mind, I recorded a quick 2 minute video blog all about figuring out what you want. Inside, I'm sharing a super powerful exercise called a Focus Wheel to help you get clarity and get inspired.

Click on the video above to watch the training!

And, for those of you who don't want to watch the 2 minute video ... I got you covered! 

Follow the simple steps below to create your focus wheel:

1) Choose an area of your business or life where you need/ want to focus on creating clarity. For example: love relationships, family, career, finances, spirituality, fun & friendships, client attraction, selling your work, being supported in your work, building out a team for your business, etc. (You are FREE to choose the topic - Ask yourself, where do I need to get clearer about what I want?)

2) Draw a circle in the center of the paper and write the words "I WANT" in the middle of the circle. 

3) Set a timer for 5 minutes and write all the things you want and all the ways you want to feel about this area of your business or life. (Outside the circle is anything you no longer want or no longer will tolerate in your experience. The perimeter of the circle is your energetic boundary line. If it's outside the circle, it can't get in.)

4) Then, flip the paper over and write: "In 6 months I will".... and "In 1 year I will"....then fill in your commitments and action steps to take you there. 

Don't be shy, let me know what you truly want and what you are committed to focusing on creating. I'd love to help!

Abundance is yours!


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