Hustling for what?


Everyone’s version of success is different.

But many women I talk to, feel like life has lost a bit of the richness. They feel like they are working for diminishing returns, both in the financial sense and satisfaction with work (and life). They are missing the joy.

Hustling for the money is exhausting.

Most of us are juggling our business dreams, with partners, kids, family obligations, school, volunteering, our friends, trying to get to the hair salon, find time to cook a healthy meal and life!

You don’t want to work all day and night.

You want to have the freedom to go on vacations, take an afternoon off, have time for family, go do that yoga class, figure out how to meditate, feel connected to your community and be in a place flow in your work (and life).

But it’s super common to get sucked into the trap of thinking, “If I want more money, I have to work harder.”

Most of the business books out there and examples we see around us are masculine models of success.

I never questioned it, until I burned myself out!

But then, in the early days of my current business I found myself once again in this same trap, thinking it was lazy to choose the easier path.

I thought I had to do it all myself and work all the time. (An abundance block I’ve had to unlearn. Asking for help wasn’t easy for me. And if you suck at this too, don’t worry I got you. I promise- we will be talking more about this!)

The truth is, most of us started our businesses or ventures because of the entrepreneurial freedom and flexibility it gives us, not to replicate some corporate job and definitely not to work more for less lifestyle.

I wanted a business that helped others, was wildly profitable, but didn’t suck up all my energy or leave me as a fraction of myself stuck to my computer, zoom or phone all day.

I think there is a new way, and it’s part of the journey I have been creating— I call it an Abundance Revolution. And I’ve started a whole community and movement based on this idea that we can create a new way of doing business, one that:

  • Works for your bank account and supports your health and well-being;

  • works for you and the planet;

  • doesn’t require crushing others to succeed, but fosters collaboration over competition;

  • supports an abundant, fulfilling and rich life

  • allows you to make amazing money and a positive impact

  • follows the path of least resistance, where ease and flow are possible!

This is all coming from a recovering workaholic, do it your-self junkie, former perfectionist, wife, mom to young kids and all the other titles. I'm a work in progress, just like you.... but if I can do, you can too! I promise it’s is possible.

Action steps:
1) Come join me in my free community Abundance Revolution

2) Share this blog with someone who needs it.

Abundance is yours.




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