Internally sourced, not externally driven

Hey Gorgeous,

I've lived in striving energy. And it's served me well for a very long time. 

But over the course of 2022, I realized that my striving energy was backed by an energy to be enough. It was part of the training so many of us received that makes us feel like we have to hustle and struggle to get what we want. 

Training that says we have to prove our worthiness. 

A foundation of the work I do with women is helping cultivate our inner abundance. Tuning into our intuition, practicing discernment, tapping into self trust and cultivating deep belief in our enough-ness. 

So, isn't it interesting I found myself in this place? 

And so I listened. Deeply. 

I took time to rest. I took time in devotion to my deepest desires. I saw my fears. I noticed my doubts.

Tuning into the wisdom of my body. Tuning into the callings on my heart. Tuning into this season of my life I am in now. Asking myself what I truly wanted, how I wanted to feel, and was I willing to let myself receive all it with more ease and fluidity.

Committing to sitting and being in discovery with all of it. No judgement.

And I realized I didn't want to push anymore.  I didn't feel the need to strive anymore.

And it was unfamiliar territory. A new edge.

An invitation to come home to myself, again.

An invitation to become more.

An opportunity to re-envision. To make new choices. To gain greater clarity and deeper discernment. To hold myself to higher standards. To be radically honest. 

Because this is the work.

The deep work if we are willing to show up with love, acceptance and total commitment to ourselves.

It never really changes. We just keep confronting the same things at different levels. Elevating us further.

Leading myself, so I can in turn lead others has always been my path. 

The message I keep receiving over and over is, there is a new way emerging for us as women entrepreneurs and business owners. Balancing our feminine and masculine energies. 

We don't want to ignore our instincts and intuition. We want to lead in a way that is abundant, is interwoven with our lives and follows natural cycles. 

When it's time, we want to dive passionately and with devotion into our creativity and our productivity. And when it's time, we want to make space to  pause, rest, and reflect. We can have both.

We want to honor our wisdom. We want to cultivate our abundance and be prosperous. We want to live and lead generously. We want our work to reflect our purpose. We want to make amazing money and be supported with systems and structures that allow it to flow. We want to create impact and be in our purpose.

So this is part of the energy I am bringing into 2023. I had to let go of many things over the past year to get here.

And I honor that. I am excited for it. Thrilled even.

I feel lighter. More buoyant, more magnetic and more radiant than ever. It's internally sourced, not externally driven.

A new definition of what it means to be ambitious is emerging. Where we give ourselves permission to focus on what we actually want to do, and say no if it's not in alignment for us.

So tell me love, how does this land? Are you feeling this too?

Part of my commitment to you is to always show up authentically. To share the real and the raw. To be vulnerable. 

I believe our stories, the things we experience - sometimes only internally and silently in our own minds and bodies hold medicine. There is healing in the sharing. 

Tell me, what does this all bring up for you? And what are you focusing on in 2023? Let's continue the conversation. 

This is the work I love to do with women. Going deep and awakening to limitless abundance.

Abundance is yours. 

I love you.




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