It’s all connected

Hey Beautiful,

I met my husband in 1995. He interviewed me for my first job out of college. He was definitely cute, smart and fun. (Still is.)

No surprise, I got the job.

And, life kept going for us both -- more jobs, graduate school, multiple moves and more. We connected (again) five years later in the year 2000, eventually we got married and here we are now, twenty two years into our love affair! (Today is our anniversary!)

We have done a lot of life together, navigating... career shifts, loss, multiple moves, buying dream homes, beautiful love, incredible highs, times of stress, world travel, making millions, becoming an author, exciting careers, growing businesses, the births and raising of two amazing girls.

And this is the truth, finding and loving each other changed the trajectory of my life.

We met at a time when I was ready to let in more. Ready to rewrite my story. Ready to become who I wanted to be. And so was he.

Through our love, I saw where I held back and closed myself off to what I truly wanted.

I knew instantly that old way of being wasn't an option for me any longer, because denying my desires came at too great a cost.

So, I decided to choose what I desired. To choose differently.

And I let him in.

It's vulnerable to let people see you, and to share your heart's desires. But it's also where the miracles and magic unfold.

I was willing to walk the unknown path, even though it scared me.

It was inside that choice that I opened myself up to receive, and that I understood what it could be like to invite abundance in every area of my life.

Because it's all connected. Nothing is separate.

This is not just a message to celebrate my anniversary. (Although I'm proud of it and celebrating it for sure!)

It's about where we hold back on our desires, how we pinch off our abundance and disregard our ability to change at any moment.

Whatever you want more of -- money, love, spaciousness, time, community, health, joy, happiness.... it's all available to you.

Twenty two years ago, I decided who I was stepping into. I decided to go all in on who I was becoming...

...And I've kept moving forward ever since.

Your next level, your craziest desires, your dream life is calling.

I'd love to support you in aligning to them.

Aligning your being.

Aligning your business.

Aligning your strategy.

Aligning your abundance.

All the ways to do this together are open to you. If you are curious about joining my Money Mastery Academy or working with me one on one, let's connect. No pressure. Just a talk and look at what could be your next breakthrough.

Who's ready for this? Check it out here: I'm ready for a breakthrough!


I love you.

Abundant blessings.


Alexandra Taketa

P.S. Ready to explore what working with me would be like? Schedule a free breakthrough session here: Breakthrough!


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