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#abundance let go Jul 19, 2021

Coming in hot today with the Top Ten things to consider to create abundance.

1) Start with Forgiveness. Resentment, anger, blame will only eat up all your energy and block your dreams. This isn’t about condoning wrong actions, it’s about releasing yourself from the pain and suffering of not forgiving. It’s about clearing your energy to create with a clean slate.

2) Get over yourself.  The only thing holding you back is YOU. Breaking through the fear, getting uncomfortable is the only way to evolve and grow.

3) Be grateful. At every step of your success journey, you have to embrace what you have now. Otherwise, it will never be enough. Gratitude invites in more abundance.

4) Treat yourself like a VIP. Only you can DECIDE you are worth an amazing life. Upgrading your life or treating yourself doesn't have to be expensive - it just has to feel symbolic to you.

5) Self love is mandatory.  Deep love and self acceptance, believing you are worthy and enough is so important.

6) Stop seeking approval. Not everyone is your "people". Don't worry about them and focus on the ones who are!

7) Good enough is good enough. Being a perfectionist sets you up for constant disappointment and failure. Commit instead to get started, and improve as you go!

8) Manifesting is a muscle. There's no secret to manifesting, however the universe needs to know what you want. Write down your goals, be clear about your requests and take action.

9) It's an inside game. The golden opportunity you are seeking is in you. It is not luck or chance; your energy and vibration is what shapes everything you attract and create in your life.

10) Create your own destiny. Weatlh, contentment, love and adventure are just as valid experiences as suffering and poverty are. You can choose which one you want and what you create for yourself. Nothing is set in stone. You direct the story of your own life.

Abundance is yours.




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