Leading Yourself Into The Next Level | Lessons on Leadership, Money, Entrepreneurship & Business

Hey Beautiful,

When you see me over here running my business and it looks easy. I want you to know it wasn't always like that, and it doesn't always feel like that.

I've learned that what is aligned for you, doesn't always come effortlessly. That business is a constant evolution. And that life is constant change. Things almost never stay static. 

The ability to deepen, flow and even be fortified and inspired by all of it is the work. 

Recently, I took stock of the lessons I've had to deepen into to stay soft, fluid, empowered, powerful, graceful, and abundant as an entrepreneur, leader, CEO of my business and woman on a path of personal development and growth. 

This one is personal. 

I shared this reflection with my community, and I invite you to listen in and join us in the conversation. 

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Here is a quick recap of the top ten lessons I've had to deepen into and learn:

  1. There will always be another level reflected back to you by someone else. 
  2. Let go of a controlled timeline. 
  3. Refinement and discernment keeps everything flowing. 
  4. Make sure your money goals are aligned to your personal heart and desires
  5. Being “one of the greats” is a higher frequency to embody versus “getting to the top”. 
  6. When you think there’s something to fix, you’ll find something to fix. 
  7. Trust you are always being guided, led, held and supported. It’s a choice.
  8. Own your power. Believe in your enoughness
  9. Break the rules. Shake it up. Practice healthy transgressions. Do the thing. 
  10.  Trust you are on the "one of one path" meant for you. 







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