Are you Leaving Yourself For Last? This money block is costing you.

Hey Gorgeous,

When you look at your schedule for the week, are you PRIORITIZING yourself?

Is taking care of yourself even a thought?

With all the meetings, the school pickups, phone calls, paying attention to your partner, making sure there is food in the fridge, trying to eat right...

Are you being so generous with others that you leave yourself for last?

Putting yourself last on the list has got to GO.

I recently had a conversation breaking down the true cost of this money block.

You may be feeling and experiencing the consequences of this money block if you’re being too generous with other people, and you’re not being generous enough to yourself. 


  • You're exhausted and burned out.
  • You're possibly even feeling resentful.
  • Maybe your feeling overwhelmed because there is NO TIME for the work or pursuits that would fill you up. 

Many times this stems from a martyrdom syndrome because we feel guilty about asking for and having what we want. This result is you feel the need to do it all, sacrifice and serve.

Does this sound familiar, “I’ll go last." or, "I’ll take the leftovers." "I'm ok, everyone else deserves the best.”

It can show up as resisting and refusing even the simplest offers of abundance, like a friend buying you a coffee or picking up the bill for dinner. You insist on paying. 

Or maybe for you it’s not about stuff, and more about how you refuse support and help. I call this the “Me-Do” mentality when you insist on controlling it all.

Have you heard yourself thinking, “It will only get done well, if I do it myself.” Or "No one else has time for this, I have to do it." or "I couldn't ask anyone else to do this, so I'll just do it." 

Perhaps you're spending all your time cleaning your home rather than hiring a cleaner – which could easily buy you some time back! Or not allowing yourself to hire the staff you need or delegate tasks in your business or at work.

This is blocking you from going to the next level of your income.

Watch the full conversation and video about this top money block. I'm breaking down this top money block and exactly what it's costing you. Click here to watch: Leaving Yourself For Last 

You'll learn:

  • What are the signs you might have this TOP money block.
  • Where does this top money block come from.
  • How you may be resisting and refusing even the simplest offers of abundance.
  • How you can STOP what you’re doing right now and put yourself on your schedule and end the cycle of burnout now.
  • How to make YOU a priority, because you are.
  • Why YOUR abundance begins with how you treat yourself.
  • How this common money block keeps you under earning, over delivering and what it is costing you.
  • And lastly, why this may be blocking you from going to the next level of your income.

Lean in a bit, I want to make sure you get what I'm saying.

When you make YOU the priority -- investing in yourself, taking time to workout, do the things that light you up, doing nothing at all, up-leveling your boundaries and support, delegating the things you don’t like to do to create space -- that is when you open up a whole new level of success. This is when momentum, flow and abundance start to pour in.

I'm talking about experiencing holistic success. The type of success that makes you say “OMG, I feel so abundant! I love my life.” in EVERY. SINGLE. AREA.

This is true ABUNDANCE.

So, right now, I urge you to STOP what you’re doing and put yourself on your schedule.

Make YOU a priority because you are. Pick one thing that matters to YOU, that prioritizes you and do it!

YOUR abundance begins with how you treat yourself.

Reply back, let me know. What are your big ah-ha's. What are you doing to make YOU a priority?

Abundance is yours.



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