Let's Talk About Worth

Hey Beautiful,

How grounded are you feeling in your self worth? 

If you are like most of the women I work with, there is still room for growth.

I've said it over and over -- empowered, abundant and wealthy women can change the world.

What this world needs right now, more than ever, is visionary women abundant with conviction in their worth and full belief in their wholeness.

This is how we change the world to become what we want it to be.

This is how we cultivate unwavering belief in ourselves so we can show up to do the work we’re called to do.

I know you are here to do BIG things. To make an impact, to live life fully, to create meaningful connection, to be your best -- to create your most abundant beautiful life.

And all of that starts with you having unwavering self worth. Believing in your enough-ness. Knowing your wholeness.

Breathe this in: nothing is wrong with you. You are not broken. Everyone struggles with the doubts and lies UNTIL YOU DONT.

In today's episode, we are talking about our sense of self worth and how this root belief impacts our inner and outer abundance.

Here’s what we expand on inside this powerful conversation:

  • Top signs that tell you have work to do on your self worth.
  • Where the “lies” about our worthiness come from.
  • The “Worth Negotiation” trap; and one thing you can do to dramatically shift this for you.

You can tune into todays episode here: Let's Talk About Worth

I can’t wait to hear what comes up for you!
And, here’s the affirmation I use (daily) to remind myself of my worthiness and deservingness…It is SAFE to be a massive success.

Say it with me!
It’s SAFE to be a massive success. The more successful I am, the more of a positive impact I can make in the world. 💗

Abundance is yours.



P.S. When we have people around us who believe in us, we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. It is an incredible force to have in one’s life.

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