Money Love: Are you feeling it?

Hey Gorgeous,

Every year, I host a free series on the topic of money and abundance in celebration of the Money Mastery Academy enrollment period.

During our time together I share from the heart, I give generously, and we all receive the magic of this incredible abundance experience.

We do Q&A.

We spotlight women who have made transformations.

We look at our relationship with money and abundance in ways we haven't before.

We dig into things more deeply than before.

We come expecting transformations, shifts and next levels. And we expand!

This event will be no exception!

But this series will be a little honor of over 5 years of hosting this and over 200 + incredible women all across the world who have taken this journey with me...I'm shaking things up and amping up the vibe!!

I'm calling it The Money Breakthrough Challenge and instead of only 3 days of live workshops, I'll be hosting a 21 DAY challenge. Each day, I'll be posting a new prompt, action steps, reflection, teaching, or challenge assignment on my instagram channel @Alexandra.Taketa

This will take you even deeper into your own knowingness of your true abundance.

You will get the tools to finally clear the money blocks keeping you from your next level of success!

It will open up the doors to what's possible for you and expand how much abundance you will allow yourself to receive.

You will be guided step by step through a process to create your money future, the abundance mindset that magnetized money and a strategic roadmap of YOUR next steps!

When you register, I'll send you over a bundle of abundance meditations and other goodies to get you in the flow of money love. 


You get to create an experience of total abundance. You can create it with more intentional ease and fluidity than ever before.

You can create more and more money.

It's available to you.

Let's do this!!

Abundance is yours. 

I love you.





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