No Guru Necessary

One of my mentors once said something that was life-changing for me early on in my business. I was worried at the time that maybe there wasn’t space for me in my lane of expertise, maybe the experts had it covered, so why bother.

Sound familiar?

She said, “You can be a contributor, you don’t have to be the one and only. And that doesn’t preclude you from being wildly successful either”.

As soon as I gave myself permission to contribute to the conversation about women and money, and decided I didn’t have to be a "guru" or the “one and only” my business became a lot more fun.

When I totally got this...everything changed, because I allowed myself to show up exactly as I am. It allowed me to get excited about my work, teach how I wanted to teach, bring new ideas forward, make offers and extend invitations to my Money Mastery Academy confidently.

I became a lot less concerned with my work having to be completely earth-shattering (or the same as others) in order to make a difference in women’s lives. I could teach what I knew. I could share my journey and I could help women transform their own journey!

I stopped worrying about competition because I was more committed to the overall mission of changing how women feel about money and supporting women to earn more! And if others were out there doing it, and we were all striving for the same goal, that was a good thing!

So, what about you?

You're allowed to add your voice into the conversation in your industry and niche and make amazing money doing it!

The Universe doesn't understand over saturation. There is enough room for all of us to play, with our unique talents. We get to share our products and services as only we can! It’s only when everyone tries to be a carbon copy of each other that markets get over-saturated. So don’t do that! Do you.

Remember, the Universe would have NEVER given you the idea or the desire if there was no space for you to be wildly successful. It’s ok for you to manifest that idea or desire even if others have similar ideas or desires. You can be a valid contributor and player in your field of expertise.

Success is absolutely available to you.

You don’t need to be the only one at the top. You don’t need all the followers or all the customers.

Honestly, you just need the people who want to see, hear, and benefit from you!

You just need to be a few steps ahead in the game for what you have to offer to be of value.

Abundance is yours.



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