Overpromising Is Under-Earning In Disguise

Hey Gorgeous,

I read a quote recently that said overpromising is under-earning in disguise.

It is and so much more. Let's break it down and tell me, which one resonates with you?

When you overpromise...
You set yourself up to overwork.
And not get paid for it.

When you overpromise...
It's often because your afraid it's not enough.
Or you're not enough.

When you overpromise...
You prioritize people-pleasing.
And that never serves anyone in the end.

When you overpromise...
It's often because they're not a fit.
But you wanted the money.

When you overpromise...
They'll start to expect that.  And expect you to over-deliver, every time. 
Until you resent them. Or yourself.

When you overpromise...
You inspire others to do the same. 
And you normalize depletion, exhaustion, and over-efforting.

When you overpromise...
Your family starts to miss you.
While you put in unpaid or underpaid hours.

When you overpromise...
You might make your mother or dad proud.
But you'll disappoint your kids or spouse.

When you overpromise...
Imagine what it would look like if you didn't?
And then choose that life instead.

Abundance is yours to remember.

DM me on Instagram, keep the conversation going. Which one of these landed for you? I want to know.

I have so much love for you. 



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